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HEAVEN #2132 Words of Gold September 7, 2006

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HEAVEN #2132 Words of Gold September 7, 2006

God said:

You mine for gold in the Earth. You have gone to great lengths. Now reach up for the gold of Heaven, beloveds. You have seen its reflection in sunsets. It is the purest gold in the world. Even the gold mined from Earth was originally poured from Heaven. All of Earth came from Heaven.

Consider the blood in your veins molten gold poured down from Heaven. This will change the constituency of your blood and therefore your whole physical body and the body of Earth. Consider your heart a golden messenger from which great blessings flow. Consider your fingers extensions of your heart, which they are, so that everything you touch may turn to gold.

Let your words be gold coming from your lips. Stay with gold, beloveds. Feel the weight of words. There are words that pull you down, and there are words that uplift. Choose those that uplift. Stay away from words that make your stomach churn. Scatter gold onto Earth. There is enough sod.

When you choose words of gold, there will be no judgment. There will be no criticism. Words will be fluid. They will fly to Heaven from whence they came. Words of gold will not sink to Earth. They will elevate Earth.

Your words will be like giant cranes that lift the cargo of the Earth World to Heaven. Earth will become so light that it will fling itself up and keep rising. Earth will be hoisted to Heaven by your words, beloveds, by your words. Words are Earth conventions, and yet they hold the power of Heaven.

Words are sounds, and sounds are powerful. All vibrations are powerful. Choose high vibrations. Why would you not? The tone of your voice matters, yes. Yet your voice cannot turn the alloy of tin into gold.

Would negative words exist in Heaven? How could they? Remove negative words from Earth, and you remove negative connotation and vibration.

You may rightfully say that calling some vibrations low is a judgment, so let me put it another way. There are high notes and low notes, and to say low note is saying certain notes literally vibrate at a lower frequency, just as colors have different frequencies. There are varieties of sounds and their vibration. There are shrill sounds. There are thunderous sounds. There are light sounds. Choose the light sounds, beloveds.

Even in words from another language that you do not understand, there are vibrations that affect you, would you agree? Even without emotion, the timbre and formulation of the sounds affect you. Zzzzzz had a certain vibratory configuration. Shhh has another. Love, another. God, another.

Just as the world in certain quarters might tell you to go to church, I will kindly suggest that you gravitate toward noble speech. The sounds of your voice and the sounds of the words you use will embrace the universe. High-vibration words will swing the world high. Lesser-vibration words will keep it on the same plane you see it on now.

All this is illusion, of course, but the world is fed and led by illusion, beloveds. Come, take the high road now. Sing My Name and sing My love, and you will create a chorus that raises Earth to Heaven as it was meant to be, as I created it, as I will it, and as it exists in My heart, as it is in Heaven, as you are in Heaven.

Love is the melting pot of Earth. Stir it, beloveds. Stir it with your words.

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