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Dear all,
I have been workin on translation of BOOK I. And sometimes I have some questions about some expressions. If you could share you opinions with me this would be a great help.

Here is my question, underlined expressions. Letter#31:

I never wash My hands of you. ......No matter how much you
need to prove or disprove Me, I am with you just the same.
And I am always coaxing you forward.

You have crossed Me off your list.
And yet you head Mine.Your name is right here on My lips,
and I say it over and over again.

thanks and love

Translating Heavenletters

Dearest Engin,

Your questions are wonderful. I discover how English (American) has so many idioms mixed in that just couldn't be literally known.

If someone washes their hands of you, they are done with you. Finished. Relationship ended. God, of course, never washes his hands of us. He stays our friend no matter what?

Is there a similar expression in Turkish?

Crossing someone off your list has pretty much the same meaning. Sometimes someone might cross God off their list -- be done with Him once and for all -- but God could never cross even one person off his list.

Does this help?

With blessing and love,