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Dear dear Margaret,
It’s so wonderful to have you in full bloom truly as a participant and moderator in the Heavenletters Community Forum.
Yes, of course, you are right, there needs to be a link on to the forum and vice versa.
You mentioned this to me once before. I don’t know how to do these things, dear one.  I’ll make sure Adrachin receives this. He will know what to do.
Be patient a little longer because we are switching servers. Santhan is providing us with a bigger better server that will accommodate Heaven’s new web site and all of Heaven’s expansion.  
Margaret, have you been to Heaven’s blog?  Much good Heaven stuff posted there. The comments alone are great reading! 
With blessings and love,

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I apologize for not always remember the http address of the forum, and so I search for the link on many of the other HL web sites form emails and started feeling like an orphan when there was nothing except something about a forum on one site. Just wondering kindly, is there a problem with putting the undisguised angelspace address on every HL web site.

The Creators' Blessings to you,
Margaret, Moderator

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