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HEAVEN #2126 You Are a Ray of the Sun September 1, 2006

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HEAVEN #2126 You Are a Ray of the Sun September 1, 2006

God said:

Do you see now that the soul cannot be contained within a body? There is nothing vast enough to contain a soul. Certainly not a body. The whole universe is not big enough. We can say that love is big enough, yet the Human soul within love is not contained by it. Infinite and eternal is the soul. Infinite and eternal is your soul. It is owned no where. It is a guest everywhere.

Although your soul is not material, it is solid. Although it is unseeable and untouichable, it is knowable, known to a degree right now, and yet quite unknown. It is not known by Earth’s measures, and yet you experience a glimpse of it over the horizon now and then.

Can you pick apart a ray of the sun? You can give it a name, and yet you cannot separate it and hold it in your hand. The sun holds you in its light. The sun’s rays are not evanescent, though they may leave your sight. Your soul never leaves you. It is integral to you as I am integral to you. In what you call death, your soul will leave your body, that’s true, but the body is not you. Your body was a tent that you imagined contained your soul. Your soul was ever free. Your soul is yours without reservation, without bounds, without crimping of any sort, and it flies free.

Your soul emanates from your heart, and yet your soul does not sit still there. Your soul is not fluid nor air, and yet it streams and it soars. Sometimes you feel your heart squeezed by your soul in such an ecstasy of love. Your heart squeezes not your soul, beloveds. It embraces it. Your heart dances to your soul’s song.

Are you not happy to know that you are a soul rather than a body? Pay some attention to your soul as you would to a beautiful butterfly alighting on your hand. You are delighted with it and know its delicacy. The delicacy of the butterfly is its strength. Your soul has delicacy and yet is strong. It is the strongest essence of you. Your soul has already ascended. It never descended. It always had a foot in Heaven, and it always knew that. See how comfortable your soul feels to you. It was never a stranger. It was never a visitor. It was always the gold in your heart that gave you awareness of Heaven.

How does the little child know what Heaven is? He alighted on Earth with the knowledge. It is Earth only that the child has to learn. That which is eternal is already known. It is only the finite that has to be learned -- and unlearned. Love does not have to be learned. Only detriments to its full bloom have to be removed. On its own, love can only flourish.

You cannot cut the wings off your soul, beloveds. You can close your eyes, that’s all. Your soul is ever free. And it loves to be welcomed by your mind. It loves to be invited. It loves to reconnect your awareness to the Heaven you never left.

When there is Oneness, you and your soul which were always one, recognize the Oneness that always was. You recognize that there is one soul, and all its flights are really fancy. You are on the threshold of Oneness now, although you never stepped away from it. Separateness is only a story you told yourself. It is a myth perpetuated from one imagined generation to another.

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You Are A Ray of The Sun

ahhh truth...simple, gentle truth...powerful, Awe-full truth....Blessings unto All, Are All......mike:)