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HEAVEN #2129 A Musical Family of Stars September 4, 2006

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HEAVEN #2129 A Musical Family of Stars September 4, 2006

God said:

In the summer evenings, through the cicadas you hear the hum of the universe. Do you feel the energy? It is for you, beloveds. The energy of the universe is for you.

Do you know that the sun has a sound? As much as it has light, it has sound. We are talking of wave lengths, beloved. And you are a wave length attuned to Mine.
When you love, your wave length is perfectly attuned. When you drop love for a different note, your wave length staggers, and you carry not the same tune. Keep in tune with love, and you carry My tune.

You have been a wave length that lets the occurrences of the day alter it. Be attuned to only one note, beloveds. Hear only one note. Rise to it. Even if you have to stand on tiptoe, rise to it. Hold that note. It is the one you want. It is the one that is meant for you.

There is no need for you to play a lesser note. You are a high note. You are not less than the Highest. It’s just that you have become devoted to a mirage. Have true joy in the mirage, and be not devoted to it. Be devoted to the high note that I set you to and that is yours to vibrate.

You know what it is to strike a note that is less than your true one. When you strike a lesser note, you feel the difference. You know the symptoms. You feel disgruntled or angry or sad. You have even equated sadness with sweetness. You call it bittersweet. Migrate to sweet sweetness, beloveds, and leave sadness behind.

You are meant to be one sweet high note. You are not meant to be a scale that goes up and down. You are to be My one-note child. Can you feel that note coursing through you now?

Every word you say plays a note. It has its own tune. Choose words that reverberate with you. Choose words that reach to Heaven. It is easy to reach a high note. You simply reach it. Allowing a low note by default is not easier. Standing still on the ladder isn’t easier than climbing. Inertia isn’t easier. It’s a self-imposed trance or interlude.

Here’s the thing. There is only one true note. All the others are false. They are not true. Unless it is the note you were made to hold, it is a false note.

Don’t listen to the world that may tell you that you have to progress from one note to another, slowly, one at a time, for you can skip notes. You can leap over notes. You can skip the alphabet, beloveds. You can jump from A to Z. You can do that with anything. You don’t need all the baby steps. You don’t need teaching. You just have to accept the range that is yours and help yourself to it.

You don’t even have to practice. It takes no practice to be connected with Me. You are already connected to Me. You don’t need physical therapy nor music lessons. You simply need to sing your note. Picture yourself keeping tune with Me. Picture how good it feels, how it lifts you to the stars, how comfortable you are hanging out in the stars who also sing the same note as you. You come from a musical family of stars. You might as well hold hands and sing together with them now.

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