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love is an energy field

I'd like to make a comment about this letter. The letter confirms my experience about love. I had asked Gd for a long time to show me love so I could really understand it. One day while in a deep repose after meditation, I was listening to the sounds of the Vedic sutras. I became engulfed in the sounds and "understood" integrally(physically), that these pure emanations are love in sound-form- G-d's emanations are Love manifest as the created world. We are them and are being bathed in It continuously, like light. We can be "ignorant" of the Love emanations while our minds are distracted in thoughts, but we can not physically escape Love. "Trying" to love, or making a decision to "be a loving person" is OK, but ultimately unnecessary. To be ourselves at the deepest level, the unified field, is Love. Like light- Love is a physical property of the Universe- actually The Universe.

So being here in Israel- I feel there is so much work to be done- really just by me.

Once, when I was in my 20's, I was a ("nice Jewish") waitress in a German restaurant. I had been told that the "head" of the California nazi party came occasionally for lunch. I looked forward to this visit, but couldn't articulate why. Finally one day he came and I asked to wait on his table. Later, I realized that I simply wanted to have a few moments to exchange a gaze- an energy- with him. This did happen, sort of a pause where we each acknowledged the other, without a judgement, opinion, or a feeling, or a thought, just present together, fully conscious and open to the other. I saw that in that empty-space 'moment' all the possibilities were present: fear, anxiety, hate, curiousity, liking, etc. Here's a guy like any other guy- eats, sleeps, needs, etc. Before the thoughts, needs, desires, etc. there's just the empty-open-space of all possibilites. I must say I felt the inkling- some little drop- of nurturance there. I had a feeling like I was on the "edge" of my self, but I'm not sure what that means.

I still wonder about this little encounter. I wonder if the nazi president remembers it also.

love is an energy field

LeChaim, did the ex-Nazi officer know who you were? I have to wonder if the exchange of glances was perhaps some kind of compassion going on. Maybe a mutual forgiveness.

A Nazi officer in a concentration camp who had interacted with Simon Wiesenthal, his prisoner, later asked Wiesenthal for forgiveness, and Simon could not give it. Wiesenthal later compiled a book, asking many great people what they would do in that situation.

I could ask another question! If I had been put in the position of the Nazi officer, what would I have done? I know what I would like my answer to be, but how do I know?

I remember there was a college study done once. These were all college students, randomly divided into two groups. The first group became the prison guards. The second group became the prisoners. Each group took on the characteristics of what they were supposed to represent. The guards became mean and hard-hearted, the prisoners became downtrodden. These students were not really guards and prisoners and still they became what they were assigned to be. It got so bad that the experiment had to be stopped.

I remember another study as well. It was with elementary school children. For the study, the brown-eyed children were the superior ones and the blue-eyed inferior. And that's what they became. Later the roles were reversed, the blue-eyed were "in" and the brown-eyed "out", and history repeated itself.

God in Heavenletters tells us over and over again that we are equal. If we could really see that we are One, would that not be the answer to all difficulties?