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HEAVEN #1777 Like Golden Moonbeams Everywhere

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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

HEAVEN #1777 Like Golden Moonbeams Everywhere September 16, 2005

God said:

The world is round. It goes round and round, a circle of love. Love expanded itself and burst out into the shape of the world. The world is love circular. The love that created the manifest world is expanding still. What world will you create as love bursts forth from your heart? What can love not create?

Love knows no bounds. Bounds do not enter in where love is concerned. How can the Boundless have bounds? The Boundless springs up and splashes itself everywhere. Boundless, it leaps and leaps and reaches itself everywhere. It is forever springing. It is settled in the deepness of your heart, and yet it never stops there. It is forever laying its claim to be love and to spread it. That which can encompass everything is itself unencompassed. Love is a free spirit. That does not mean it never alights. It means it alights on everything everywhere. It is free to keep giving itself as if love were the only thing in the whole world, and this is what love is, and love never goes out of style.

Love is a beautiful infant cupped in the bud of a rose. Love is the rose that holds itself, offering its sweetness for everyone. Who owns the scent of a rose? No one owns it. Not even the rose, yet the sweetness emanates from the rose. Love is invisible but it is not surreptitious. The effects of love are visible, visible indeed.

If love is the ocean of life, then swim in it. Play on the surface. You are buoyed by the depths. And you, who paddle on the surface, also swim to the depths. In and out you go. You are like a million stars bursting from the sea! You reflect great light. The light bursts into gorgeousness as you leap.

What can love be compared to? There is nothing to compare it to. Then it can only be compared to itself. But it is Oneness! Where do separate parts exist in Oneness? To what shall We compare Oneness? Compare it to the beauty of a rose. Compare it to anything you want, and it is beyond compare.

Nothing can stand up to love. Nothing can face it because love is the mirror image of itself. Love has no face to look at. Love can only be love shimmering.

And so, today, love goes forth to promulgate itself. It goes forth as a dancer dances. What else can a dancer do but dance? What else can love do but leap from heart to heart? What else is there possibly to do in this universe of love but to express it? What else could you want to express?

Today, as love goes forth to express itself, it sees evidence of itself. Love exists. It can be heard.

You will trip over love today. It will capture you. It will hold you its prisoner which means to set you free. As a prisoner of love, you are the free-est soul in the world. You are free to go anywhere, and yet you can only go everywhere. You can dance in the streets, on mountain top, in vale. You can dance on the head of a pin and you can dance on the spire of a church. There is no place where you cannot dance. Hearts dance in accord with you. You set a rhythm, and before you know it, everyone’s foot is tapping and, irresistibly, everyone is drawn to get up and dance. What a chorus line of love dances for the love of it. Love cannot be contained. It must dance. It must leap, splashing itself like golden moonbeams everywhere.