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HEAVEN #2903 This Shimmering Day July 30, 2006

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HEAVEN #2903 This Shimmering Day July 30, 2006

God said:

From beauty comes beauty. From love comes love. From turmoil comes turmoil. Is this not obvious? This is why, as much as possible, you want to come from positivity and leave negativity alone. Negativity can portray itself very well without your help.

You may say you want to always be honest and forthright. Therefore, you forthrightedly give negativity a place of honor. You sit it right up on your lap and listen to it carefully and repeat it in tribute. Repeat positivity instead. Let positivity have its say. Listen to positivity so that the positive may star in your life and so revolutionize the world.

If you want to grow orchids, you plant orchids. If you went to a store to buy plants, you would make sure you brought home what you wanted, not thistles. You would never go out in your garden and plant weeds, and yet, when it comes to your life, the life of a Child of God, you sod and re-sod negativity, all those weeds of your mind. You make sure that negativity is known and nourished and will not become extinct.

And you, beloveds, please excuse Me for saying, are then proud of your accomplishment. You have not let one particle of negativity remain uncovered. You are proud that you are up on all the negativity that has been discovered in the world today. First thing in the morning, you run to the newspaper, or to Yahoo, so you can find out what havoc is breaking loose, what unseemly events are broadcast. You even want to be the first to know, as if your life depended on your being news-savvy. You digest the heartache that has come from near and far. The news becomes your soap opera of the day and what you pass on in your role as town crier.

What would happen if you didn't pick up the devastating news printed today? What would happen in your life if you didn't know what was tearing the heart of the world apart? It is as if you feel obligated to add your voice to the echoing chorus of a Greek tragedy. Whistle another tune, beloved.

Look, the sun is shining. Coffee is brewing. The bed is made or unmade, and you are waking up to a profound gift of the universe. Hark, here is a beautiful day for you. Try it on like a new coat of many colors. Toss out the old dark one. Be merciful to this shimmering day, and give it a chance to be all that I desire.

The news is the gossip of the day. You are to be the sun and not a cloud that covers the sun's rays. Do not think it is your responsibility to spout the news. It is your responsibility to shine your light. How can you do that when you feel burdened with the woes of the world? You do not uplift the world by aiding and abetting its troubles. What happens when you hear bad news is that you take sides. The world becomes like a Western movie rife with good guys and bad guys, and, of course, you are on the side of the good guys.

If you want peace, and I think you do, then you will no longer be a sheriff who points his finger at the bad guys and tries to round them up like cattle. No, you will open your heart and the world, and lay down your arms. You will throw out your ammunition and join hands. You will be more like Me and have compassion for all. There will be no sides.

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