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HEAVEN #2092 Love Will Be the Star July 29, 2006

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HEAVEN #2092 Love Will Be the Star July 29, 2006

God said:

Good morning, beloveds. Today you awaken unto a new day filled with possibilities that you may have not seen as possible. Today you will see the possibility of new horizons. Today you will see the beginnings of the age you have hardly dared dream of. No longer will you fear disappointment, for the days of glory on Earth are at hand. Imminent is the realization of Our dream. You will see goodness roaming on Earth. You will see flowers blooming in winter. You will see dancing on the grass. Merriment will be known. Whatever you have desired for the world is getting ready to appear. Be ready for it. What do you have to do to get ready?

Anticipate its arrival. With your thoughts, you have ordered it.
Now, with your thoughts, make room for it. It is with your heart and eyes that you make room for it. See how the world will be when this glory time arrives. May your heart start dancing now.

Trees will align with your happiness. The sun will rise early. The moon will be full every night. Your dreams for the universe will roll over in delight, your personal dreams too. Your dreams for the universe take precedence. As they fall into place, your dreams accrue. Yet when all the world is happy, your personal dreams lose their importance, for in a world of joy, you are fulfilled. It is enough to be alive. You may not need to have the occurrences you thought you did. You may even forget them. As a natural event, you will be fulfilled. There will be lack of lack.

You will at last learn the fullness of your heart and all that is contained there. There will be nothing missing. There will not be the thought of anything missing. When your heart is full like the moon, what can be lacking? You will come to remember lack, if you remember it at all, as an errant lover who is no longer there for you, for lack will have faded into the sunset, gone down with the sun, never to arise again. Gone. For all intents and purposes, lack never was except as a prepossessing thought in an agitated mind.

When the idea of lack is gone, restlessness will have flown. Restful will be your mind. Filled with peace you will be. Overflowing with peace you will be. Will love or peace come first? Each will be the other. No longer will you waste time on the phantasm of cause and effect. You will enjoy too much.

The cause of joy will be joy. The cause of love will be love. The cause of you will be you. The cause will issue from itself. I will be known as the Cause because I will be known. I will be plastered across every heart. What ecstasy of love there will be pulsating across the face of the Earth.

We are talking about a revolution where love dances with itself.
Everyone's partner will be love. No one will be without a partner. Love will befall everywhere for everyone. No one will imagine he is without it.
There will be no pause in love. Love will take its rightful place. It will dominate the Earth. Love will only dominate with love, so it will acquiesce in love. You will have melted in love, and you will know your brother as yourself, and you will love yourself as you have not yet. Love will be the factor of life.

It will be the star. It will finally make the headlines. There will be nothing else to make them, because all there will be is love heaped upon love, love for all the world to see, love for all the world to give. There will be a bumper crop of love because you will have raised it.

Copyright@ July 29, 2006

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