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HEAVEN #2091 The God of Your Heart July 28, 2006

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HEAVEN #2091 The God of Your Heart July 28, 2006

God said:

In this morning am I contained. I fill the air. I am in the trees and the blossoms of the trees. I am mist from Heaven and dew from the earth.
I bud in the flowers, and I radiate from the sun. I am the white milk of the moon and the silk of the sea. And I am contained within you. I am your original DNA. It is I Who inhabits your cells. I run through your veins. I enter your heart, and I beat a drum there to the tune of love.

I am the crow of the rooster, and I am the purple of the jacaranda.

There is nothing I am not. I accompany you so solidly that you are in My thrall, and I am in yours. We serve each other to such an extent that Our identities are blurred. We are identity-less. We are love-ful. We are One Love cast across the Universe. Our love is forecast. It can be no other.

Anything that seems less than Our love is not true. It is false. It is false identification. It is a misnomer. There is enough misnomer in the world. It makes headlines in the newspaper. It stars on TV News. It is gossiped about endlessly. People think it's real, and that they must shake their heads and talk about it. They look at a brick wall when they could look at a glade of flowers and scatter flower seeds.

Do I speak of you, beloved? Would you forget Our alliance in favor of discord? To whatever degree, any thought that is out of the infinite circumference of love is discord and is not true. Let love be your name. And hallowed be your name, for We are One and the Same. Respect yourself as I do respect you.

Any negativity you hear, outside of you or within your thought, is not worthy of Us. It is not worthy of Us, and it is not Us. Any harshness is not Us, nor does it belong to Us. Dismiss it.

If you are climbing a mountain, and there are two paths, one beautiful and one filled with crawling snakes and pitfalls, for what possible joy would you choose the lesser path? Which one do you think I want you to take? Joy is to be your path, not suffering. Joy is virtue. Suffering is not.

Who said that you must strain and carry woe? Who told you that you deserved such struggle? Not I. Will you now take it upon yourself to remember Me and forget all the negative voices you have ever heard? Why listen to the past discomfort when you can listen to the present God, the ever-present God of the Universe and God of your heart? Why listen to old voices of angry men when you can listen to My sweet voice? Angry I am never. Do you not think that I am as wise and loving as the most wise and loving men and women on Earth? Tenderness and gentleness go further than anger. Raise not your children in anger. End the voices of discord now. Do not perpetuate them.

If you hear a God of anger, know that that voice is manmade. It is not Mine. Strength does not lie in anger. Anger is weakness. I am strength.
Take pity on yourself and no longer cast yourself into an angry flame.
Remove yourself to My temple of love.

"Love yourself" is My greatest admonition. Love yourself as I love you.
Know that you are loved, that I love you, and I would love you to love yourself. You have been punished enough. Punish yourself no longer.

Come with Me now to an island of love where, in truth, We abide. It is often called Heaven.

Copyright@ July 28, 2006

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