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HEAVEN #2095 Surprise Yourself August 1, 2006

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HEAVEN #2095 Surprise Yourself August 1, 2006

God said:

To live for yourself alone is not enough for you, beloveds. There is a need to go beyond yourself. Your own life alone is too narrow a field. To think of what you want and to suit yourself leaves a vacancy in your heart.
Concern about yourself alone leaves your heart vacant. You are not born for yourself alone, nor is your life meant to be lived to placate yourself, as if you were the only one in the planet. To think only about yourself keeps you on only one level of existence.

Have the idea to think of what use you can be to someone other than yourself or your family. Take care of them, and extend your grasp of family. You are My family. Relate to more of My children. Despite what you may think, serving rather than being served serves you best. Expand your horizon. Step out of yourself. You have been centered on yourself long enough. That you are My emissary means that you are an emissary of the world.

Today do something beyond your usual range. Do something for someone else, known or unknown to you. Pick up some litter on the street instead of clucking your tongue at the ones who dropped it there. If an article of clothing in a store has fallen off the hanger, put it back on the hanger. Hold the door for someone. Make life a little better for the next person. As you do, you make life better for yourself. You raise your consciousness, beloved. You expand your territory of influence. This is not a big deal. You do not have to start an enterprise. Simply stretch your arm a little further. Exceed your present grasp. Embrace. Stretch your vision.
Add to the beauty in the universe.

When life is lived for yourself alone, you skim the surface. You go from one thing to another, but on the same merry-go-round. You empty out the same cupboards. Take some of the attention off yourself so you have greater opportunity to grow. Order your life a little less. Surprise yourself. Find out what life can be.

Consider that you were given to the universe as a gift. Be the gift.
Discover the gift of yourself. Remove some of your wrappings. It is not winter now. It is the summer of your life, and you want to spend your summer. Your life is not for you to hoard. It is not for you to while away.
It is for you to give with all your heart. This is how you bless yourself.
This is how you unfold yourself. This is how you bless Me.

All you do is in service to Me, beloveds. When so much has been given to you, you want to share in your good fortune. All the gifts I have given to you are meant to be shared. The greatest gift of all is the gift of yourself. Put yourself out there, beloveds, where you may be seen. Reveal yourself. Reveal yourself to you.

I am not asking you to erase yourself, not at all. I am asking you to begin to see yourself, to mark your advent into the valley of life. Why do you exist, beloved? To pick all the blueberries for yourself leaves you tired. Giving away half of the blueberries you have picked puts roses on your cheeks. Love yourself enough to give some of yourself away. You have had enough of yourself, beloveds. Now it is your turn to give.

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