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Today, I remembered...

I like to go deep.

I was at the gym this morning, walking around and around the track.

Anyway, as often happens when I calm down and create some psychic space, a useful phrase popped into my consciousness-- "go deep". I was turning the "what should I be doing in order to create and sustain my best life" ball over and over in my mind-hands, observing it from different angles when this thought appeared.

Well, of course! I am happiest and most effective when I can really dig into whatever's here in the present moment -- the conversation, the writing, the learning. Superficiality sucks!

So, what to do with this sage advice? Hell if I know! Actually, it reminded me to slow down and focus on what's important to me, to let each moment unfold without my insistence on "how", to make sure my daily list fits on a small card and reflects my true values.

I challenge you to clear your mind in any way that works for you today and wait for a golden nugget of wisdom to come back to you. Then see how you can apply this remembrance to sweeten your life.