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Today, I remembered... do good, be happy!

Today, I remembered...

do good, be happy.

I woke up with this phrase in my mind one day and wrote it down. I just
saw it again today and said "ahhhh". In true synchronistic fashion, I lived
this phrase all day and then was reminded of it.

The way I embraced "do good, be happy" this day was by doing an
excellent job on my daily tasks. I was really quality focused and joyful. I
absolutely love losing myself in doing something that needs to be done
by doing it well.

Other days, I've done "do good, be happy" by being focused on others and
their needs.

Both of these techniques work because I'm not overly concerned with
myself, I'm focused on the task and/or person at hand, totally present as
they say. No time-traveling to the past or future going on, therefore no anxiety.

I'd say it's time for a card saying "do good, be happy" to live near this
here computer. Right next to the rock that says "know thyself".

Excellent advice. Thanks Socrates and Suzanne! Or more accurately,
thanks Universe.