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Experientially, eternity is the state we experience when we are aware of the passage of time, but feel untouched by it. Timelessness, on the other hand, is the transcendence of time. There is no awareness of time at all, for there is not differentiation, and hence no change.� ~ A.H. Almaas, from Inner Journey Home

A google of the word timelessness revealed articles by physicists, philosophers and religionists � most of it pretty out there. Nothing that helped much in my search to make living timeless in time a practical matter!

And it really is a practical matter. I�m not alone in feeling I must learn to stretch time in order to accomplish all my daily tasks. On the weekends we all want time to stretch out in order to get more joy out of life. There are moments when we would gladly shrink time to get through something more quickly (meetings, lines, etc.) And there are those precious moments of Presence, those sweet moments of happiness and joy that we want to last forever.

The physicists, philosophers and religionists all agree - the concept of time is based in perception. Dull or routine activities seem to make time drag, while stimulating activities seem to give time wings, and what is dull to me might be stimulating to you. Waiting makes time pass at a snail�s pace. Anticipation seems to lengthen time. What is late to me is early to someone else. And time zones make time a complete joke � the same perceptual instant is not the same time (or even the same day) for all perceivers! So time is nothing but a soup of human thought.

So what would timelessness be like for us humans? Is it possible to live, practically, without time? And do the cycles we have used to divide and mark time really serve the purpose of marking time, or are they independent of time? Could time be an artificial construction, a thought-overlay we humans have placed on the cyclical nature of our observed reality? Is there really only now? How can we think thoughts without the perceptual influence of time? Can time be lost or found?

Time does not matter during meditation, prayer, unstructured leisure (play!), during laughter, in nature, during lovemaking, in deep conversation, when deeply involved in an event, from a concert to a football game to a family reunion. Time is also meaningless during moments of revelation or Presence. Besides meditation and prayer, these moments can occur while doing repetitive or monotonous tasks such as washing dishes, taking a shower, mowing the lawn, etc. The common denominator of these varied experiences is a state of detachment, detachment from our ordinary human thought-stream, our belief system, or the mass consciousness. For a while we are not participating in time, so our consciousness is free to be in the moment. In the now.

Time, or the concept of time, comes between God and us. Connection with God occurs at the center point, the intersection of time and space, that timeless space-less no-thing. The common perceptions of time and space grew outward from that intersection, and thus our disconnection (the �fall�) from God. We have made time an idol! In our strictly human state, we worship time, thinking communal thoughts such as �time is of the essence.� NOT! Time is a human creation based on separation thoughts. God would not, could not, will never create that which separates, but God does honor our creations. So if human thought created the concept or perception of time, then human thought can un-create it. If we turned time on, we can turn time off. But how?

- By consciously, determinedly, staying in a state of detachment from the world, so that we are �in the world, but not of it.�

- By profoundly, completely knowing that time cannot control us � we are time�s creators, we are Gods in the making � our minds control time!

- By doing whatever it is that creates a state of timelessness for us � more laughing, more playing, more praying and meditating, more chopping wood and carrying water. More en-Joy-ment!

- By consciously listening for and listening to the �still small voice,� then responding in Joy.

- By knowing God as Self, being awake, aware, and available, ending all suffering by being continually in the Will of God, knowing it as your own will. You are back at the center point where you belong, living a life of Divine Joy and Peace.

So are you ready to live timelessly? Are you ready for the end of time? The end of time is not the end of our story, but the beginning of the eternal story we were meant to live. The end of time means we have no perception of time�s passage, and no belief in the effects of time. It means we have no attachment to the past, and do not project into the future. It means clarity of thought, word and action. Timelessness would mean instantaneous manifestation! Consciousness would truly, experientially, be here now. For all of us. And that would be heaven.

Libby Maxey