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HEAVEN #2071 Think about God July 7, 2006

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HEAVEN #2071 Think about God July 7, 2006

God said:

Sometimes it seems that life snipes at you, that it waits in a tree until you innocently go by, and then shoots at you randomly. You were minding your own business. You meant well. You had no ulterior motive in mind, and then life, like an unruly dog, nipped at your heels. Beloveds, when you have such a day, retreat. Don't meet it headlong. Just tip your hat, and amble another way.

Don't analyze because then you look for fault. Fault is not the issue. Rising above is the issue. Getting out of the line of fire is the issue. Duck your head. Get away from the tree, and then enter a new glade where the sun shines through. And, if it does not shine right away, then sit on a knoll and think about Me until the dust settles.

Whatever hurts your heart is a pin-prick, beloveds. Some little boobytrap you did not see coming. You happened to step on it. Don't second-guess. Don't look over your shoulder. Get out of the fray. Return to Me. You are safe. Whatever the trap, you do not have to stay in it. Whatever your dismay, you do not have to keep it. Shrug your shoulders. Start whistling. Go on your merry way. No need to stay where hurt is.

Wrap a bandage of love around the bee sting. Bless all the biting bees. They were just being bees. Life wasn't singling you out. You just happened to be there. Could it have been prevented? What does that matter now? Pick yourself up and mosey along.

If life has humbled you, is that so terrible? If life ambushed you, you were ambushed. It means no more than that. If your feelings were hurt, so be it. Let the hurt go now. Be glad that you have a heart, even if it gets stung. Think of it. You have a heart of love. Let your heart be vulnerable. Redeem your heart. Renew it. Love it. Be glad you have a heart that can hurt. It lets you know you are alive. Your heart beats a drum-song.
Hail to the mighty heart.

No longer take these little slings and arrows of life so seriously.
They don't have to matter to you. Simply do not honor them. Shake them off.

Imagine a shield of My love around you. Is My love not enough? What can enter where My love is? What can penetrate the shield of My love? My love is like swaddling clothes. Even if you are dropped, you won't be hurt.

You wouldn't build a shrine to mosquito bites, would you? You wouldn't incessantly go over the fact that a mosquito bit you? You wouldn't cry yourself to sleep about it. You wouldn't wake up thinking about it. You are wise enough to put a mosquito bite in its place, which is no place at all. Do the same with biting remarks.

What is important in life? Someone else's perception of you is just their perception, nothing more. It is not the end of the world nor is it worth a headline in your heart. Whatever hurts come to you, you can let them go. They really don't belong to you. Your value is not based on someone else's opinion. Your value is based on My knowledge. I do not have opinions.
I have knowing. And I would share with you My knowing. My knowing is Reality, beloveds. A murmur here and there is not knowing. A word out of place is not knowing. Fill your heart with love, not hurt.

Copyright@ July 7, 2006

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