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HEAVEN #2070 One Illusion for Another July 6, 2006

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HEAVEN #2070 One Illusion for Another July 6, 2006

God said:

You must know by now that you are not to let little things bother you. You know this, and yet, time and time again, you do let little things bother you. You let the same little thing bother you ten times a day. Of course, at the time, it is not a little thing to you. Whatever the precipitating event, whatever its guise, the persnickety little thing that bothers you is ego. Your ego would not like to admit that. Your ego, voiced or unvoiced, places the refrain in your mind: "You can't do this to me," or "They can't do this to me."

You may feel that it is your heart that is hurt, but it is rather your ego stomping on your heart, making little of it and making little of you, while it swears all the while that you deserve praise and admiration.
Your ego says in front of your face that your importance is not to be overlooked. Your ego needles you and snickers behind your back. Beloveds, the jabs and jibes come from your ego. The effigy your ego wrought is being taken asunder.

I am sorry that someone hurt your feelings. I am sorry they don't value you more. If they, indeed, don't value you, aren't you blessed to know now and no longer feel obliged? Admit you are not thinking too highly of the other personage right now either. How deep was your affection, beloved? The front has been affronted. Now you are released from holding up an umbrella with holes over both of you, acting as if it kept the rain off.

Beloveds, you give too much allegiance to what you think someone thinks of you. You hold them to it as though it were inviolate. Let this huge little thing pass out of your mind. What has changed really? Merely an idea you had. Now one idea has been traded in for another. Another human being is flawed in their assessment of you. Is there more to this than that?
How earthshaking is this event? Is something else going on? Are you rankled at injustice?

Beloveds, you don't have to believe in someone else's assessment of you. What is all this hullabaloo?

No one has taken away My love from you. No one can. No one will.
Whose opinion matters more? Surely you don't value someone else's opinion more than you value Mine? You are not making more of their slur than you are of My love, are you? What has happened? Nothing has happened. Life has happened. One illusion has been traded for another. An illusion of regard has been changed into an illusion of lesser regard. What does this have to do with you?

Shrug this off. Stay high-minded. Rise above the little things.
Don't make the little things big. When all is said and done, nothing in temporary life is to overtake your happiness. Surely your happiness is not dependent upon what someone may think of you. Give yourself something else to think about. Give yourself love to think about. Never mind disappointment. Dis-appoint yourself from dismay. Spend some time with Me. Pay attention to Me. I will raise your spirits. You don't have to be disgruntled.

What would it take now for you to allow happiness to come in?
Whatever someone else may think of you, when did they become responsible for your happiness or unhappiness? If I may say, you are responsible. Only you.
You are responsible for making something big out of something little.

Whatever has happened or not happened, all is well. God is in Heaven, and God is on Earth, and you are very much in My heart.

Copyright@ July 6, 2006

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