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HEAVEN #2072 An Ocean So Mighty July 8, 2006

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HEAVEN #2072 An Ocean So Mighty July 8, 2006

God said:

Be vulnerable. Be what you are. Every Being on Earth is vulnerable.
Some are better at convincing themselves and the world that they are not. Be vulnerable. You are sentient Being. You are stationed in My heart but adrift in the world. Adrift, yes, but carried by an Ocean of love so mighty it is called God. Waves come and go, and the Ocean stays. Waves crash. They are surf, vulnerable to the winds. The Ocean, in equanimity, holds all.

Be vulnerable. It's all right. Be vulnerable to life. Love and be vulnerable. Be vulnerable to love. Let your heart be open like a fish's mouth.

Hearts are not to resist. Remember the willow tree that bent? It was the oak tree that broke. Your heart is meant to be a willow. The very vulnerability of your heart is its strength. A heart doesn't break because a loved one left in one manner or another. A heart feels broken because it did not allow itself to be vulnerable. The heart resisted and closed itself when the heart is to stay open and be more vulnerable. Be vulnerable to love, beloveds. Your heart has its own song, and it must sing it regardless of what other music is played.

A vulnerable heart is open even to hearts that are closed.

You have no choice but to be vulnerable, beloveds. You have a choice to pretend you are not vulnerable, but that does not change the vulnerability of your heart. Whatever uniform you may wear, you are, beneath it all, a simple beating heart. No one's heart is more or less vulnerable than yours.

There are those less responsive to the weather, however. There are hearts that do not go up and down so much as yours. They are not less vulnerable than yours. Vulnerable, they are undaunted and continue to be hearts and do what hearts do, not taking to heart what other people do with theirs. Let your heart be vulnerable to love and nothing less.

Even armed soldiers are vulnerable. Hearts are vulnerable no matter what. But hearts are not armed soldiers. They have the courage of soldiers, but hearts are at ease. They are not ready for battle. Hearts are not meant to battle nor for tugs of war.

Hearts are to have one theme, and that is love, love regardless of incident, regardless of opinion, regardless of plaudits and regardless of slingshots.

Your heart is the best thing you have. It beats in love. It beats best in love. The very vulnerability of your heart is its strength. Your heart's reinforcement is its vulnerability. Hearts are not stalwart. They are not stiff-backed. Hearts flow in love, throb in love, and nothing else but love are they to circulate. Nothing but love is to flow through your bloodstream. Let your mind concur. Let your mind, at least, move over and let your heart have its way. Its way is love.

The human mind tends to sort. It likes to make categories, make exceptions. The heart is to make no exceptions. The heart is meant for Oneness. Therefore, it is meant to stay open.

You see how it is. Your heart "thinks" positively. So now let your mind take its cues from the heart. Be open-minded. Open-minded means not to judge, not to weigh, not to rank, not to look for safety because there is no danger to be safe from. The danger is to close your heart for any reason. No reason matters. Your heart's destiny is to love, not to refrain from it.
Love now.

Copyright@ July 8, 2006

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