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HEAVEN #2060 Communion June 26, 2006

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HEAVEN #2060 Communion June 26, 2006

God said:

Seek communion with Me. This is the purpose of all the techniques and all religions - communion with God. Two-way communion, beloveds. One way is not communion. Half communion is half communion. It is not communion. Infinite flow is communion.

Communion with Me is awareness of greater than yourself. It is awareness of Greatness lying within yourself. Greatness lies in the center of your heart.

Communion is listening, and it is speaking. You are a receiver, and you are also a speaker. A circle is contiguous, or it is not a circle.

The listener speaks, and the speaker listens. Your individuality is released, and that is absolution. It is absolution from smallness.
Near-sightedness becomes far-sightedness, and yet you see within. You turn a pocket inside out. Invert, overt, there becomes no difference. Sightedness becomes sightedness. There is no far. There is no out. When that is the case, there is no in. There is only Is-ness. All is Self at play.

Most of your life you have gone outside to play. Your play has been diverse. Although there is no outside, you come inside. It is time to leave the great outdoors and play inside. And then you discover that the interior is actually vast. It is Vastness itself. You walk down Eternity. There is nothing to stumble over. No knees to skin. No basketballs to catch nor to throw. You enter the cell of an atom, and you discover Allness. Through the eye of a needle, as it were, you enter Vastness.

Vastness always was, and you were always in it. You had been too busy playing to notice. And now you pause. Now you take a God-break, and now you notice. You thought the world was a great playing field, and now you find a greater one, a much greater one, an infinite one that has no rim, just a rolling plain rich in Fullness of Nothingness which equates to Everythingness. Never mind if you don't understand a word of what I say.
Just know you are coming with Me.

I take you by the hand. You don't need the ground under you. You don't need walls to guide you. You have My hand. You are not blindfolded.
It's just you haven't opened your eyes yet. You will not fall into a gulch.
You will fall into Vastness or, more precisely, rise to Vastness. You will rise to the height of yourSelf. There is no top limit. There is no limit.
You are limitless, and you are about to find that out, not in theory, but in actuality.

You are leaving the Great Divide, and you are entering the Great Oneness. You may have thought of it as a Void. It is true it is emptied of everything but Greatness. You consume Greatness, and you are consumed by it.
Your heart swells in Greatness, and it bursts into Greatness, just as My heart burst in joy and created Creation. Unique love recedes into universal love. There is no longer lover and beloved. There is love vast. The essence of love marries itself and gives birth to love so great there is no name for it except for Mine. Call this stateless state of love God, God Overwhelming, God of Speechlessness saying Nothing, God saying Everything without a word.

In the beginning, the word was God, and there was nothing else to say. There was no one to hear, and yet God was heard, and dimensions followed and yet were, nevertheless, dimensionless. Nothing was changed, only perception was born, and one thing led to another, led to you, led to Me.

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Your writing (God’s) is getting very powerful! You have moved me deeply.
You have moved "Us" deeply! That is the essence of Communion - no separation exists! ~ Life is Love, in Light, Brian in Montana