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HEAVEN #2059 A Dancing Star from Heaven June 25, 2006

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HEAVEN #2059 A Dancing Star from Heaven June 25, 2006

God said:

There are moments when you are aware that you encompass the whole universe. There are moments when you fill up the universe entire. You feel that the world fits into you and is contained there. There are moments when there is no chair you sit in, room you occupy, but rather, the whole universe is contained within you. There are moments when you recognize Our Oneness.

When someone asks you what state you live in, no longer say Connecticut. Say Oneness. That is indeed the state you live in, although you are often unaware. Imagine if you were always aware.

Your true condition is Oneness. Your real location is Heaven. Heaven is Oneness. It is Oneness of note.

Do not for one moment consider that Oneness is uninteresting. There is nothing that comes near it. It is the most beautiful note played. It reverberates the guitar strings of the heart of the world. Lost in magnificent music, you are found. On Earth, you have, in part, been in a state of delirium. Your will change your compass now, and set it to Oneness.

Look up now. You have two hands with which to uphold the universe.
You have two eyes to see it, two ears to hear it, and one mouth to speak, one heart to play. Consider yourself the violin. What a chord is played. You let yourself loose in order to be played. Your heart is the bow, and it plays itself, and all of Heaven is entranced. The stars are your accompaniment. The moon rolls its eyes in joy, and the sun knows no bounds.

You are alive on Earth. The Earth blesses your feet that walk on it.
The Earth is alive and warmed by your touch. It likes to be made use of. It is a globe of pulsating love. You never thought the Earth was inert, did you?

You have the Earth to dance on. There is no more to be said. Earth offers itself to you, and you play on it. Mother Earth is not a misnomer.
You landed on it. You flew from Heaven to Earth, and the Earth caught you.

And now you are here on Earth. You are fascinated with it. You are magnetized by it. You cavort on it. You are a dancing star from Heaven who finds himself on Earth, spinning on one leg.

On Earth, there is the thought that you have to be about something, so you find this and that. You get into mischief. All the while, your business is love. You are finding that out now, and you will be found out.
Your love will be known. Don't mind quite so much what you do, unless it is love that you do. Love is your medium. You have been hunting for love when all along you were the love you sought. In the game of life, you play tag. Love is It, and you have been chasing it. You may have been looking in the wrong places, even though there is no place without love.

The key to love is locked in your own heart. Open, open your wayward heart. Throw open the gates. Toss them aside. What is a heart such as yours doing with gates and all that paraphernalia anyway? Your heart is not a junkyard. Your heart is the entry to the universe. You must go through your heart. There is no other way. You are there right now. Speak to your heart of love. Waste not another moment. Open your heart wide.

Copyright@ June 25, 2006

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