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HEAVEN #2058 A Universe of Light June 24, 2006

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HEAVEN #2058 A Universe of Light June 24, 2006

God said:

When you are absent from Me in your thoughts, you are simply absent-minded. It is as if you are off in left field. You have forgotten to pay attention. Of course, attention on Me is not something you pay. It is your reward, beloveds.

My mind, like My heart, is never anywhere but with you. Every waking moment, you, My beloveds, are My focus. My focus is broad so We can not really call it focus, so My love is My infinite focus. Every moment I disburse My love, and it is all for you. It is all for My creation, and you are that which I have created from the love in My heart. My love never paused. I hold you up in front of Me every day with great delight. If only you would know the unboundedness of My love, you would know nothing else. You would be like a bee stuck in honey, so immersed would you be in the abundance of My love. You would be drunk with My love. You would be strong in My love.

But you would not think about it. You would simply be immersed. You would know the Infinity you stand in. You would not know the words, but you would know Infinity. You would know it with such certainty. You wouldn't think about love. You would just know you walk in it. You would trip over it. You couldn't get away from it. There would be nothing else. You would remember nothing else. What else would be worth remembering? You would forget only that not worth remembering. Only love is worth remembering. Can you think of anything else that holds a candle to it?

You would remember that which you now have forgotten or that only occurs to you once in a while. Love to you now may be an afterthought like an after dinner mint, or something you squeeze in, but love is the main course, beloveds. It is what you live on. Love is the nourishment of the universe and the whole point of it.

You would not be self-conscious, yet you would be intimately conscious of Self. You would forget all that you believe yourself to be now, and you would know only what you are. You would know but not think about.
You would have so forgotten your name in the world that it would not exist. If your name had been Joe, and you heard Joe whispered, you would not even turn around. It would be a sound foreign to you.

If you heard a whisper about ownership and possession, you would be puzzled. Someone could explain it to you twenty times, and you would be baffled. You would wonder if you had heard aright.

If you heard about death, there would be such an expression of disbelief on your face. You would be certain you had heard amiss. You would only assimilate Truth. You could not even imagine untruth, nor conceive of it.

You would only know of perennial flowers.

You would only know of Eternity.

You would not comprehend up and down, near or far away, old or new, lost or found. You would not fathom separateness. You would know only Unity. You would not know you knew Unity. You would just know nothing else. You would know there was nothing else to know. You would not conjure the absence of love. It would be preposterous to imagine lovelessness. It would be impossible to imagine darkness when you are smack in the center of the Sun, and all around you is light and only more of it. There is only light to stand in. You would be light in a universe of light, and that is where you are now if you but only knew.

Copyright@ June 24, 2006

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