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HEAVEN #2056 "This Way to Love" June 22, 2006

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HEAVEN #2056 "This Way to Love" June 22, 2006

God said:

Think of Me today. When you drink a glass of water, think of Me, for it is I Who fills your glass and lifts your arm to drink. And when you eat a grape, remember that I am the One Who grew it and popped it into your mouth.
Wherever you go today, whatever you do, remember that I have paved the way, and that I take you by the arm. Arm in arm We go.

I provide the sun and the shade, rain, and an umbrella. I hover over you day and night. I fan you in the summer, and I warm you in the winter. I provide all.

You count the sands of time, and I blow on the ocean, and you see the waves I blow. Together We spin the Earth, and all the planets exchange glances.

Beloved friends, what shall We do today in this universe of love?
Where shall We hang our hats and profess Our love, and to how many shall we profess it? And in how many ways? How many ways are there? I shall tell you:

In a thousand ways and more, for the ways are infinite. With every breath, We shall radiate Our love, and between each breath as well. We shall cover the Earth with Our love, and Our love will reach the furthermost stars. They will blink their light at Us tonight in Morse Code. Their light spells out "Love received, and love given."

The night light of the moon and the stars reflects itself on the crest of the ocean. Fishes swim, and hearts are lit.

I escort you, and you escort Me. We are inseparable. We do not go anywhere without the other. In fact, there is no other. The twain are One.
We have no disagreements. We see alike. We stride across the universe together and jump for joy. Your heart has leapt into Mine and swims there like the fishes in the ocean. Oh, how happy We are when We are together, and We are never apart.

We are wedded in love that has no name worthy of it. Love is the best We can do. We pour our One heart out in love for all the world to see.
"What is that?" the world cries, and realizes: "Oh, it is love. How rampant love is. I must be love too." And so the world reveals its love. Voices are soft. Schoolchildren are happy. There is love dancing on top of the world.

There are no factions to join, for all are already joined in love.
No hands strike, because all hands are held, fingers entwined. What controversy can there be when all are conjoined in love? There is no contest about who can love more, for all love totally. There is no separation of hearts in love in order to contest. Love swirls itself, and all are captivated.

Street signs read, "This way to love." The wind through the leaves
says: "Hear love." The rainbows say: "Follow me." Trains clack a rhythm of love. Feet march to a cadence of love. There is no military. The sun claps its hands.

Love stays on Earth. Peace accompanies it, as I accompany you. Peace and love are twins. Or We can say that love gives birth to peace. Or love is a mountain from which peace falls as in a dream. Or love is a deep well from which peace springs. The deep well is your heart. Your heart palpitates in Mine, and peace is assured. Love accomplishes, beloveds. Love accomplishes. Reveal your love today.

Copyright@ June 22, 2006

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From Bernie Siegel, M.D.

After all these years it is finally getting through to me
what you think and imagine is what you get,
so i shall stop worrying and be grateful for all i have.
God turns out to be right again.