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The Secret to creating miracles

Hello EveryOne,

There is a new documentary called The Secret. This film is powerful, because it points us to the truth of who we are and how our mind works. I recommend this film for everyone. I have seen it a few times, and I've been inspired each time. I find it is a very useful teaching tool, and I am beginning to use it with people of all spiritual faiths, including no spiritual faith.

The Secret teaches the power of our mind and our ability to create. It teaches us exactly how to use the mind effectively. One recommendation is that we make a list of what we want so we can focus the mind on that. I decided to take that advice. With very little thought, I knew what Regina would want. She would want a strong & beautiful body . . . financial security . . . a happy, successful, well-liked daughter . . . opportunities to travel with everything taken care of, etc. But, I also knew that to limit myself to Regina's wants would be to limit myself to a temporal personhood. That is to limit the unlimited, and to limit the unlimited cannot bring true and lasting joy.

So I decided to ask the Holy Spirit, "What do I want?"

Then I asked, "What does that mean?"

I am sharing the answers given to me below.

By the way, if you'd like to see The Secret, which I highly recommend, it can be ordered from If you'd like to hear more from the Holy Spirit on the same subject, I recommend reading the Holy Spirit's interpretation of Ephesians, Phillipians and Colossians at

With Love,


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What do I want?

1. Listen to Guidance in all things.
2. Joy, for everyone.
3. To be helpful in all that I do.
4. To have faith in my Truth, and to bring only that into my awareness.
5. To know my connection to all things, and to love all things as my Self.

What does that mean?

1. Listen to Guidance in all things

I want only what the Holy Spirit wants, and because that is all that I want, that is all that I hear. That is all that I feel. I pause for a moment with an opening in my mind, and I know in confidence where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom. There is no doubt, because the knowing is clear. The knowing is clear, because that is all that I want.

2. Joy, for everyone

I use my mind only for the extension of joy. I have compassion for the mind that does not know what it is, and I am always willing to remember for it. I ask the Holy Spirit how to give, and I give as I am asked. I am willing to receive that which brings joy to everyone. I live in trust and joy, and I know gratitude because trust and joy lead me in all things.

3. To be helpful in all that I do

I remember that the ego mind does not know, and so I easily dismiss the thoughts that come from that part of the mind. I am helpful to everyone by listening only to the Holy Spirit. I am helpful to everyone by trusting our oneness to guide me in all that I do.

4. To have faith in my Truth, and to bring only that into my awareness

My Truth seems to be a learning process because I have allowed that which isn’t truth to be within my awareness. Now I have become enlightened, and I consistently choose again. I choose only the thoughts of the Holy Spirit, because I realize that they represent my Truth. Because I choose only them, they are all that I know.

5. To know my connection to all things, and to know all things as my Self

Joy is the expression of Truth, and expression is the celebration of conscious knowledge. I have let go all belief in anything that is false, and now I see within illusion with the eyes of Truth. I love all things because I know what it is that I see. I embrace all things because I know that I embrace only love, I am all things because I know. There are no longer any shadows or any doubt. Now there is only Light. In joy and gratitude, I cease to speak. I look on perfect Love.

RE: The Secret to creating miracles

Wonderful recommendation Regina! I watched the documentary online and enjoyed it so much that I ordered the DVD! Many thanks for sharing!