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HEAVEN #2023 Where You Are May 20, 2006

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HEAVEN #2023 Where You Are May 20, 2006

God said:

You are an accomplice to ego or to Me. Somewhere along the line, there is a choice that you make. You align yourself. It is your choice. No longer think that your choices are foisted upon you. You are the chooser of which line you go into. Whichever line, you can leave it and step into another. There is no loss. Because you have gone one way does not mean that you cannot go another. You can leave a line you have been standing in, a path you have been walking on. You no longer have to continue on it.

You are committed only to love. There is nothing that has to be in your way. If something has always been in your way, it doesn’t mean that it has to stay. Just leave it where it is. Stay where you truly are, and that is in My heart. Do not turn love away. Hasten to it, and embrace it.

I did not throw you out of the Garden of Eden. You flung yourself out. Ego took such hold of you that you were embarrassed. All embarrassment is ego, beloveds. Ego involves you in appearances. It substitutes itself for love and would dissuade you from love, as if love rather than ego were a waste of time.

Ego would portray itself as making you important, but ego is a master of deceit. Ego makes you unimportant. It takes away your identity and turns you into a red tomato, plump and soft, bursting out of its skin. Life bursts the bubbles of ego. Ego inflates you only to break its promises. Ego will let you down every time. Do not be ego-driven. Be love-driven. Be avid about promulgating love. Forget ego. Forget yourself. Remember love. Forget everything else, but remember love.

Give love as easily as rain falls from the sky. Give love as easily as the sun shines. Give love no matter what. That is all you have to give, beloveds, and it is the all. Love given is love received. Put out the fire of ego with love. Do not give ego the time of day. It is easy to reduce ego to ashes, for ego has no substance. That is just the point. Let ego take a dive. Let it go back to where it came. It came from a contest your mind made up. There is no contest, beloveds. There is nothing ego can win against. Love will not even debate with ego. They are not in the same class.

Oh, beloveds, choose love this morning. Choose it once and for all. Say, ”Here,” to love. Raise your hand for love. Vote for love. Do not vote for ego. Dispense with it instead. Stomp on it. You don’t need it.

Ego would persuade you that you must ride in the front of its bus when you don’t have to ride on the bus at all. Ride on love instead. You will not even have to hold onto the straps because love is grace and love, and, once chosen, you will not fall from grace and love. It is all illusion that you can. That’s what that trickster ego fills you with -- illusion to the hilt. The only way ego can crowd out love is with illusion.

But you are ego-smart now. You won’t fall into its clutches any more. You will walk away from ego and not let it interfere. Now you are someone who walks with love and love alone, and love alone is. Stand in love, stand for love, and don’t stand for ego even once again. Don’t fall for ego’s ploys, beloveds. Rise to love, and ego will stop nipping at your heels soon enough. Ego has no choice but to leave when you have had enough of it. Say when.

Copyright@ May 20, 2006

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