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HEAVEN #2022 What the Winds Hold for You May 19, 2006

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HEAVEN #2022 What the Winds Hold for You May 19, 2006

God said:

If you want to have a good day today, keep Me in mind. Let thoughts of Me run through your mind. When you have an objectionable thought, substitute a thought of Me instead.

If you truly want to be done with ego and what ego involves you in, this is how to do it.

If you do not want to think of Me, then think of love and that will lift your vibration very well. Ego is one vibration and God and love another. Ego thoughts are shaky. Thoughts of Me stabilize. If you really want to be down to earth, think of Me. Turn the world upside down, and make Heaven your base. Then you will be unshakeable.

All the troubles of the world are ego-based. Ego is sold to you right and left, and you buy into it. You then become a dupe of the ego. Ego will dupe you every time.

It will tell you that something is very important. It will tell you that you have to take care of it immediately. Ego lights a fire under you. I will say that for it. But, beloveds, let love be your steady flame.

Bow down to love, not ego. Ego is a fickle master. Love would teach you to go beyond ego and the paltry hand it plays. Ego sets a trap for you.
You step in it, then it turns its promise into embarrassment. When your face gets red, ego has done its job.

What if today you ask nothing of the universe? What if everything that occurs today, every word that is said, every late bus, every drop of rain or drought, every object misplaced, every deadline missed, every slight
- what if everything that happens today or does not happen is not worth noting, what if you don't object, what if you take it in stride, what if you don't give it great honor or preoccupation -- what will you have lost, beloveds, and what will you have gained?

You say you want peace of mind, and yet too often it appears that you chase perturbation. Decide the status of your mind today. Give your mind peace. Do not stir it up. Do not let the cauldron of your mind stir up a boiling brew. Say, "Peace be with you" to your errant mind today. Give your mind comfort. Give it the day off. Let it have a sabbatical in My name. Your mind will release you from what it inflicts on you when you release it. Tell your mind to take a rest today. Let it lie down in green pastures.

Today, not once, raise your hand to object. Treat today as you would a wife, and say, "Yes, darling." Whatever it is, say, "Yes." If you cannot bring yourself to say, "Yes," then say, "Okay." Whatever response the universe gives you today, don't argue with it. Simply nod your head, and
keep walking.

Whatever happens to you is nothing. How you respond is everything.
Put your fists down. There is not an argument for you at every turn. If you don't want arguments, then don't argue.

Restore your thoughts to Heaven. Pull thoughts of Me to you as you would open an umbrella. Pull thoughts of Me to you the way a song goes through your mind. Bid thoughts of Me to arise. Bet on them. Make them your choice. Today choose love, and stay in that state. Hold it to you like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and then toss the petals to the world and see what the winds hold for you and how beautiful everything is.

Copyright@ May 19, 2006

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