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HEAVEN #2024 Little Happinesses May 21, 2006

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HEAVEN #2024 Little Happinesses May 21, 2006

God said:

When sadness arises, don't make a big deal of it. It comes and it goes. Let it go. And if you can enjoy the sweetness of sadness, enjoy that then as well. And when happiness takes its place, enjoy that too.

Sadness does not have to be sad. It does not have to be objectionable. Sadness exists as a friend who nudges you to look at something. Sadness nudges you, and then you look up.

In the midst of joy, there is sadness. The flowers bloom now, but tomorrow they won't, and your heart sighs. But it is the same with sadness. Tears flow today, but tomorrow they won't. There is joy even within sadness.

Once you loved, and even if that particular love no longer exists, once you were immersed in it. Because something passes, must it be named
sadness to think of it?

Sadness is not a crime, beloveds. It is just a note played on the piano that you don't like the sound of. So now you play another note.

What makes you happy? Lean towards it. If the singing of birds makes you happy, surround yourself with singing birds, or go into the woods where you will be sure to hear them. Whatever gives you even minimal joy, have at it.

If you like to look out your window, look out your window.

If you like to lie on the grass, lie on the grass.

If you like to spend time with your children, spend time with your

If you like to read, read.

If you like to be near the water, be near the water.

If you like to cook, cook.

Give yourself permission to enjoy what you enjoy. Small things may give you great joy, beloveds. Be generous with yourself. Accumulate joy even if in bits and pieces.

Do something every day that you love to do. Let doing something you love be part of your responsibilities, beloveds. Add it to your To Do list.
Don't miss even one day.

If you are bedridden, there is still something you love.

Choose today that which gives you happiness. Never mind yesterday, last year, past lives. Take today in your hands, and wrest joy from it.

If today you have to iron clothes, and you don't like to, find something lovely to iron that will give you a hint of pleasure.

If you do not like your job, pick some flowers and put them on your desk and enjoy the flowers while you work.

Hum a different tune, beloveds. If you don't like one tune, find another.

If you cannot be pleased, please someone else then. Put some flowers on someone else's desk.

Is it so hard to be alive on Earth that you cannot find simple pleasures? Look to the little things, and be guided by them. In that sense, be beholden to them.

Perhaps you have been waiting for a massive change in your life?
Take the little changes one by one and frame your life with them. From little happinesses, joy grows. Truly, there is no limit to the joy you can have on Earth, and the joy that you can give.

No more grumbling, beloveds. No more discontent, and then you will be content.

Perhaps you are looking for gold, and you don't find it. Find a lovely small stone then and place it on your mantel. Begin somewhere, beloveds. Begin.

Copyright@ May 21, 2006

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