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Welcome To Earth

Welcome To Earth
By Bryan De Flores

This writing is dedicated to all who have trodden this exhilarating and inspiring, yet sometimes lonely and traumatic path called Earth. It is also written in honor of all mothers and fathers-to-be and their unborn children. These words are geared to inspire and pave the way for a new understanding of the tasks and challenges of souls coming to Earth through this planet’s method of incarnation.

It takes a brave soul to come to Earth, to grow up within the density and dark astral belts of this planet. Yet many souls in Earth’s dimension called ‘heaven’ are eagerly awaiting their turn to come and experience the wonders and challenges of this world. Even if they have come before and endured the trials and tribulations of living here, those are but memories and do not cloud their decision to descend once again into the density of the 3rd dimension. For on the higher levels of existence it is understood that this planet has much to offer in the way of experience, situations unavailable and existing nowhere else in the universe. These experiences were born many eons ago, through a series of events that dropped this planet so deeply into polarity (a negative/positive split), that at one point Earth was known as a “dark star.” However, the many interesting scenarios and situations that were created through this plunge have mutated into vast fields of understanding and created new levels of experience for incoming souls. Therefore, this planet is seen as a glorious curiosity, a place where anything is possible and nearly everything is available.

The soul’s journey to Earth begins with the idea and inner prompting to grow, to expand, to understand and to give to God, the almighty creator, though ones mind, body and spirit a new perspective of the universal creation. The heavenly dimension, which exists here on Earth, but in another dimensional frequency roughly 4 to 5 feet above our ground level, is teaming with celestial life. It is a beautiful world free of polarity, where everything exists at its highest potential. There are universities, golden meditation temples, libraries and incredible art galleries; all beautiful creations dedicated to enhancing one’s existence and understanding of God. Anything wonderful and beautiful that you can think of that exists here, exists there in its highest form. All of the inspiring teachings and inventions that are currently available here on Earth, first existed there and were sent to this world as telepathic creational thought-forms. The geography of the planet is the same in the heavenly dimension, but it is in its pristine form, unpolluted and filled with many mythical life forms such as the unicorn and the golden dolphin.

When the soul has made the decision to come to Earth from the heavenly dimension, much careful preparation is needed. First a contract must be drawn up; a plan which will give them the experiences they desire and the growth they require. These contracts include spirit guides who will be assisting them at different points on the Earth journey, the selected family they will incarnate through and the many challenges they will face. The contract is drawn up by the soul and their guardian angel in conjunction with the incarnational council who presides over this planet. The contractual agreements are then secured, allowing some lateral movement including ‘spontaneous experience inserts.’ The contract may include huge obstacles and experiences such as poverty, abandonment and illness. Who would choose such things? We would, to further our understanding and growth of the universal creation and to assist humanity and the planet on its journey back to oneness. You must realize that it is quite a different thing to study and observe a ‘negative or limiting’ experience than have the actual personal experience yourself. So, after all the preparations are made and the correct time is at hand, the soul then bids goodbye to all friends and loved ones in the heavenly dimension and begins to down-step his or her frequency, quickly descending through the magnificent tunnel of white light to Earth.

As the soul comes into physical form within the mother, an intricate bonding with the Earth energies begins. This can be a wonderful, fascinating beginning to experience; an infusion of love, wonder and deep physical connection. However, if there is intense emotional upheaval and/or a multitude of fear-based thought-forms and limiting imprints within the parents or immediate environment, the soul, no matter how much preparation and protective devices are in place, will begin to be negatively imprinted and to set up an imbalanced ‘coping’ system. This will hamper the growth through ‘perceptive distortions’ and ultimately affect the efficiency of the contract. This however is taken into consideration previous to incarnation, which is one of the reasons why some lateral movement is placed into the contract. It allows the soul to catch up, if they fall behind. Also, just as an interesting side-note, when one experiences Deja vu, it means they are right on track with their soul contract. There are also a few escape hatches built into the contract, whereby one can make an early exit, if things get too rough. Crib death is actually a decision made by the soul who has come into embodiment, but after experiencing the denseness of the energies here, feels they cannot handle or fulfill the agreements made and thus makes a quick departure back home. In a sense there is a grace period of a few months whereby a soul can ‘test the waters’ and then make its decision.

The soul then moves through life as an initiate, learning the ‘ropes,’ so to speak, of the 3D world. They do the best they can, overcoming and mastering, as much as possible, the experiences they contracted for. However, when many of us get here, it is so traumatizing that it becomes a daily ‘trial and error’ ritual just to survive and do the work we have come to do. Sometimes I feel as if I would like to be voted off the island! However this is all changing, as we have now anchored the blueprints and are finding easier ways to navigate this diverse planet and to make our Ascensions quickly and gracefully.

Golden Age Parenting!

Becoming the parent of a new soul is an incredible journey as well, one which has its joys and its challenges. The first thing that should be understood is that you are a steward, not an owner of the incoming soul. You are but a guide, who will nurture and assist the soul in fulfilling parts of their contract. It is best not to try and imprint them with any of your unfulfilled dreams and desires and any societal constrictions etc. Allow them to tell you, through the early years, why they have come. Let their imagination soar, as they arrive here with multidimensional awareness along with special gifts and talents to aid them and others along their path. Do not try and lock them into any fear-based or limiting patterns. Remember they are not here to fulfill your hopes and dreams; they are here to live and cultivate their own destiny pattern. Listen to them and watch what they are attracted to. These observations will give you an idea of why they have come and what they are here to do. Also, when a child is in the womb, they will subtly telepath the name which would best suit them in the coming life, directly or indirectly, so listen carefully in the early days of pregnancy.

School is often a bore for many of the new children coming in. It presents difficult social challenges but offers the perfect setting for clearing much of the negative contractual karmic patterns. It is also a place where great unity and companionship can be experienced. However, many parents are finding their children are not doing well in or do not look forward to attending school. This is partly due to the excessive over-stimulation and instant-gratification imprints of the media and society at large. Also a problem is a large part of the curriculum being offered; the teachings are out of date and extremely limiting and do not provide a child with a well-rounded mind-body-spirit understanding of themselves and the world. Fortunately, many teachers who are upgrading their consciousness are changing some of these inconsistencies. In any case, a child will do best in school if there is love and respect at home and an honoring and nurturing of their spirit. Discipline will not be necessary if the child’s spirit is acknowledged and their voice is truly heard.

Life as we know it…

So, now that many of us have grown up and are on a spiritual path, we realize that we were and still are imprinted with HUGE limitations. It is our task now to release those limitations, forgive the past and move on into our bright futures. This can be done in a variety of ways, however some roads take longer than others and I, along with many people are choosing to forgo many years of processing and suffering to embrace my divinity and achieve self-realization now, rather than later.

In summation, we are all doing this Earth experience together and ‘taking it to the next level.’ From this moment on, let us make each and every child’s experience here on Earth a wondrous and fulfilling one, free of imprints and judgments. Whenever you see a child, say “Welcome to Earth!” This phrase is encoded with the understanding that they are loved by all of humanity and God, that they are not alone and have a guardian angel and spirit guides with them at all times to assist them and that they have a contract, a destiny and a purpose. Love them, listen to them and support them as they are us, the precious souls who have come to build a star out of this wonderful magical planet called Earth!

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