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The Violet Light By Paco Kahan

“Every human being has light
within, but must know how to
activate it.

Until that light is fully activated things
won’t work completely in our lives.

While you are looking for
satisfaction outside, God has
put it all inside you. You are only
using a small amount of His
power when you can use it all.

The Violet Light is an energy
that activates fully your inner
light and power. It is in this way
you access all the power of God.
You only need to know how to
find it.”

The Violet Energy has been known for many years as “The Violet Flame.” This flame is one of the forms of The Violet Light.

At this time The Violet Light is coming with more power. It contains higher frequencies of light capable of changing individual and collective realities, at a speed unknown on the Earth until now.

The reports from people that have known The Violet Flame and have received this connection with The Violet Light, are all the same: it is very different from what they previously knew. The first emanation of the light did a tremendous amount of work here, getting everything ready for this emanation that comes to finish the work. It is doing it at such speed, with such excellence and impeccability that it really has the signature of God Himself. It has left us all astonished. This is a fantastic legacy from Jesus, Saint Germain and the
Ascended Masters.

Light is power, intelligence, love of God. Through ignorance of the basic truths of life and how to live with them, human beings have become solidified as they moved away from the life-giving light, losing their power and love as they lost their luminous quality. Rigidity comes from lack of light and eventually this leads to senility and death.

An injection of light brings anyone to life. Therefore this is the way to rejuvenate, to have energy and to make things work. The Violet Light breaks down rigidity and returns the luminous quality to all beings.Only in light is there life.Where there is no light, there is no life.The activation of the light within you, is the activation of your power, love and wisdom. This is the secret of life.

It is very important that we, as human beings, realize a fact of life and start living with it.

"The Violet Light installs the frequency of Spirit in people.

The experience of it is deep peace, freedom and what I have called love power.

In the realization that love is the power of the Universe and God Source is essentially love and power.It is through that love power that everything happens, that everything is created.

The energy of the Violet Light will inspire you and move you forward, as it makes everything in your life blossom like never before".

Kahan,Paco Alarcon,