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Majesty,Enchantment and The Glory Of God

Majesty,Enchantment and The Glory Of God

The Dream Becomes Real

It is late December and the year is 2011.This world is in the midst of the greatest and most astonishing transformation it has ever experienced. From a distance, the planet Earth has a golden rainbow halo surrounding it, unlike ever before in its history. It is as if the planet has been born again into a whole new space and time continuum. The polarity has diminished to 10%. Negativity and fear have been released from the planets multidimensional energy field. Upon closer inspection the continents are blossoming with life and magnificent golden pyramids herald the dawn of a new age. Everything has an incredible aura surrounding it. The colors are richer and brighter. Everything and everyone is moving at a graceful and peaceful pace.

We move closer! The noise and confusion of the physical plane has diminished. Through the mountains and valleys there is peace and tranquillity. Natural harmony has been restored. The spherical tones of creation are heard once again throughout the land. The boundaries between the many dimensions of Earth are dissolving at an increased rate. Communication with interdimensional beings has now become accepted and commonplace. The devic kingdoms have become physical once again.

The cities are glowing with natural beauty combined with ancient and modern architecture. The designs are becoming multicultural and transcend definition. There is great prosperity, abundance and companionship among all people. The communication and transport systems are operating smoothly, effortlessly and silently. People are talking, laughing and sharing. Many individuals appear to be half of their chronological age. Integrity, honesty and compassion are the order of the day.

You now see yourself with dramatic clarity in this time frame. You are inspired, passionate and alive! Your mind is clear and free of confusion. Your emotions are balanced and positive. Through recent advancements in energy medicine and the absence of mental and emotional stress, your physical body is youthful, vibrant and healthy. All of your perceived physical imperfections have transformed into stunning individual uniqueness. You are aware of the Divine Plan and are living your dreams in every moment. You feel a deep connection with the Earth, humanity and the cosmos. There is a profound sense of inner peace, expansion and light.

Freedom and self-expression are encouraged and respected. Boundaries are dissolving between religions, countries and cultures. All over the planet there are large groups of focused individuals connected on the deepest and most profound levels. They are able to influence the course of events merely by the way they think and the way they live their lives. They assist in the process of transformation telepathically in connection with the nonphysical planetary guardians.

Through the divine power of the Holy Spirit, everything transforms in a higher state of itself. A weed becomes a beautiful flower, a rock becomes a gemstone, the human body becomes a perfected 5th dimensional Lightbody and Earth becomes a star. All of the mysteries and secrets are revealed as the human and planetary consciousness unlocks itself and massive amounts of light and information pour forth.

The planet continues its shift into multidimensionality. Humanity moves into a whole new consideration. Humans continue to anchor light matrixes, which contain higher teachings and programs for the upliftment of humanity. New social, political and economic systems begin to take shape overnight. Earth begins another cycle and new forms of everything begin to appear. The oscillation of the planet shifts and slows to its original spin. The karma of the group soul has been completed and fulfilled. God’s plan has now become manifest.

January 1, 2012: A new day has begun!

Hold the truth of this vision in your heart.