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HEAVEN #2009 Mind and Body May 6, 2006

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HEAVEN #2009 Mind and Body May 6, 2006

God said:

Resistance may show up as a persistent ache in your body. What is it you are resisting? What thoughts of yours need to move so that your body may be free of pain and be more agile again? When there is a lack of flow in your body, often your thinking is stuck somewhere. Your body signals a block. It tells you that your mind has to move away from a position it is holding onto. Both your body and your mind are meant to move.

Of course your mind darts around all the time, seemingly landing nowhere. But there is something it is entrenched in. Leap out of the trench, beloveds, and your body will be loosened as well.

There is a connection between mind and body and spirit. I did not think you had forgotten that, but you may have forgotten it in terms of its application to you.

The first thing to admit to yourself is that you do not have to have pain. You find all kinds of reasons to justify it. It is the pillow you sleep on. It is someone in your life. As you look for reasons to justify pain, you uphold it. Somewhere in your psyche, you have told yourself that you have to have it, as if you were a victim of it. You are not helpless, beloveds.

Certainly, if you stub your toe, your toe will hurt. Yet that is not a pain you usually hang onto. But other pain you may.

Consider the body as a messenger. It is telling you something. Move your thinking, beloveds, and your body will change. There is oneness of body and mind, and the mind has more power. This is not a conscious effort. This is going on all the time.

Your body believes what the mind tells it. Your body will believe anything. Let your body believe that it is healthy, strong, and pain-free.

Your mind sings a song, and your body echoes it. Perhaps in its hidden recesses, but your mind goes first. The body copies your vision. See differently, and your posture will change.

You already know that when your mind tells you that you feel happy, your move differently. Your voice is different. You see clearer colors, and you hear happier notes.

Release all the thinking that has held you back. This is the purpose of letting go, so that you can move forward. Not backwards, not in place, but forward. Be forward in your thinking. Sing a new tune. Let go of everything that holds you back. Otherwise, you will lack imagination.

Imagination is a key tool you have at your disposal. Imagine pain away, beloveds. Let your mind fly free. Remove all the blocks in body and mind. You have believed in many things. You have said many things about yourself. You have said things like: "I have weak feet," and so you do. You have said: "This illness runs in my family." And so it does. You believe statistics that embellish beliefs already held. Please know that illness does not have to run in the family. There are statistics for that as well.

When I said you are not beholden to the past, I mean you are beholden to nothing from the past. You are beholden to right now. In this instant, change your thoughts.

This is not wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is too little, like the peeps of baby chickens.

Have knowing instead. Know that whatever holds your thinking back, you don't have to have it. Whatever crick in your neck that you have, it doesn't have to be there. You are not obligated to it. Remove it now.

Copyright@ May 6, 2006

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