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HEAVEN #2010 The Bread of Your Thoughts May 7, 2006

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HEAVEN #2010 The Bread of Your Thoughts May 7, 2006

God said:

In a world filled with miracles, I am now going to tell you that there are no miracles because it is your perception that sees miracles. Were your perception more finely-tuned, you would see miracles as the natural events they are. It is natural for life to unfold itself in miraculous ways.
This whole field of life is a miraculous thing. There is not one blade of grass that is not.

You will see that there is no distinction between miracles when all is miracle. Each miracle is perfect in its unfolding. The disharmonious events that you call tragic are also miracles. How else would everything in the story came together in such an overwhelming way unless with a miraculous turn of events?

If the world is a story that your minds make, then you are a miracle-maker. If you want more of the beautiful miracles that make your eyes widen and your mouth say Ahh, then think more beautiful thoughts, beloveds.

Consider the energy of your thoughts, for it is your thoughts that make the world go around.

There would be no war when energetic thoughts did not support it.
Consider, please, that thoughts in California can be affecting hardship in other parts of the world. Undernourished thoughts contribute to starvation in another land.

When you concede a little to the Oneness of Humanity, you will not be careless with your thoughts. You will do more blessing. When enough of My children change their poor thoughts to rich thoughts, the unfolding of life will also be different. This is a given, beloveds.

But you are used to instant results, and so your desire to bequeath good to the world fades, and you start focusing on yourself again and all your faults. If fault exists, it is in thoughts that fault. How many times today will you cheer yourself?

This is no percentage in feeling guiltiness. Guilt itself is a poor thought. But you can know that the world is dependent upon you and your thoughts. Your thoughts do affect everyone and everything in the world.
Whatever happiness exists anywhere, you contributed to it. Whatever hardship exists anywhere in the world, you contributed to it. But never mind what has been. Look to today.

Today, for this one day, how about no discouraging thoughts? How about entitling today A Day of Upliftment? Make this the day that you pick up the carpet of the world, shake out all the dust from it, and put it back clean and fresh, like new, as if it had never been walked on.

Let not your thoughts be thirsty. Let your thoughts be the food of life that they are. Let no one in the world be unfed by your thoughts.

Your thoughts make pictures. Draw different pictures with your thoughts. Erase the marks you make -- you are able to draw better. Expand your thoughts. Envelop the world with the warmth of your thoughts.

I am not telling you to think of the suffering of a hungry world. I am telling you to feed the hungry world with the bread of your thoughts. I am telling you that you can do it.

The world and its events are not to keep you down. You are not in subservience to them. Now you know the secret to ameliorating life on Earth. Buffet the world with your thoughts, beloveds. Lift up all the fallen with your thoughts. Friendly thoughts will not allow the unfriendliness to exist.

Make friends with yourself and the universe and all in it, and so you raise the vibration of the world. We're starting with you, beloveds, with you.

Copyright@ May 7, 2006

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