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HEAVEN #2008 A Somersault of Joy May 5, 2006

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HEAVEN #2008 A Somersault of Joy May 5, 2006

God said:

When life, holy life, becomes a chore, you may need more rest.
Certainly, you need a vacation from your thoughts. When you get tired of cleaning or washing dishes, you have been forgetting Who it is that you serve. Perhaps you have even thought you serve no one at all. Will you now remember, once and for all, that you wash dishes for Me? Whatever you do, you do for Me. Whatever you do for others, you do for Me. Whatever you do for yourself, you also do for Me. Keep Me in mind then as you climb the mountain of life. You are climbing for Me as well as to Me. Everything you do, remember you do it on My behalf. Then all will be light. There will be no burden.

How pleased I am with you and the service you give. Know that I note it.

Know Who accompanies you on your errands. Know Who is with you in the car. With you always. Do not be embarrassed. Just know I am with you through thick and thin.

How cross can you get when I am with you? How perturbed about this and that? What can cloud your beauty when you remember that the God of the Universe and Beyond is at your side, accompanying you, blessing you, urging you forward, holding your hand, lifting your eyes? Do you not yet know that there is nowhere you can go where I am not? And there is nowhere I would go without you.

What do you need when you have Me at your service? You serve Me, and I serve you. This is not a trade, you understand. I give without restriction. You don't have to earn points with Me. You earn them for yourself. You are the one who needs to know your worth. I already know.

I am your Silent Partner. I am the One Who backs you. I am the One Who bets on you. When you trip, I catch you. Even if you fall down a hundred flights of stairs, I catch you. In the midst of anything, I catch you.
Whatever happens in the physical, I catch you. Therefore, you cannot fall.
Do not weigh your life so much in terms of the physical, beloveds. That will make you tired.

Extend yourself. Let your fingers reach the highest branches. Your heart pulses the world. Your eyes see over the furthest horizon, and your feet have wings. Of course they do, for you are My messenger, My winged messenger, who flies in service to Me Who is your blessed Self.

Do a somersault of joy at the beauty of Our connection. You are connected to Great Power. A child of God carries God within. Where would I be but where I want to be? And I want to be with you, and, so, I have established this intimate connection incapable of being dissolved. No matter what you do, no matter what you think, We are One, irrevocably One. With every leap of your heart, I AM. Whether you are wake or asleep, I am awake within you. I am always at rest. I cannot take My eyes off you. I rest My eyes on you, beloved, on you. My vision is Truth, and I see the Truth of you. I bask in it.

Now, you, bask in Me. Bask in My presence. The Sun shines on you, beloveds. I made you, and I am the Maker of you still. What do you make of that?

Copyright@ May 5, 2006

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