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HEAVEN #2007 A Bridge to Cross May 4, 2006

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HEAVEN #2007 A Bridge to Cross May 4, 2006

God said:

When the world perceives its Oneness, there will be one vibration in the world. There will be one resonance. Oneness vibrates Oneness. This is the original note I struck in the creation of the world. It was a note from the heart and throat of God, the original Oneness from which all Earth came.
Heaven already was.

Heaven is the chord of Oneness. It is without distortion. A world portraying itself as less than Heaven is off-key. But there is a key, beloveds, and the world can return to it. The key to strike, the note to play, is, of course, love. Love is a high vibration. You know this when you listen to the voice of one who is in love and allows his love to flow. Feel the energy. Even a fool in love rings a higher note. May everyone in the world be such a fool soon.

Be unclever, beloveds. Cleverness may portray love for its own ends.
It is amazing how much the world considers profit and forgets the truth of love. Insincere love is not love. One who sells false goods sells false goods. One who sells goods for the wrong reasons sells goods for the wrong reason. Insincerity dressed as sincerity is still insincerity. Therefore, it is off-key and does not ring true.

The world may say something is good for you, but they may be thinking that it is good for their pocketbook. You already know that, and yet you often buy into it. And you yourself may be the purveyor of false talk.

Decide to be in truth today and let only notes of truth pass from your lips. Or say nothing. That could be a wondrous thing. How much would you say today if you ran it through your truth counter first? Automatic is not the same as spontaneous.

You are a child of God, not a robot of the world. You are not a wind-up toy. Your voice is not a motorized recording in a doll. You are to speak for Me in the world, and, therefore, you are to speak only what is true and never false.

This is a beautiful request I make of you, that you make no false statements today. Never mind what other people do. It is you I am speaking to you. It is you I ask to abandon guise, to forsake it once and for all.

Now you will speak a simple speech. No false bravado. No smiles that belie your thoughts. No words muttered under your breath. Speaking only truth does not mean that you have to say everything you think. You do not go around telling everyone off. The privilege of silence accompanies you.

Most of all, speak the truth to yourself. Do not kid yourself. Do not talk yourself into anything. Do you hesitate about honesty with
yourself? This is nothing to be reluctant about.

When you become truthful, you will find such relief. You will take a deep breath and be so refreshed. It takes great energy to purvey untruth. It takes no energy at all to relax into truth.

Truth is a bridge you cross. You would not build a bridge in the world that was not made of substance. Build a bridge of truth from one to another. Communicate truth. How simple the world will become. How joyous it will be. You will jump out of bed eager for truth and more truth and only the truth, and truth will be declared. Truth will shine like the sun, and the original note of Oneness will ring the bells of Heaven, and you will remember, you will remember Whose Truth you are.

Copyright@ May 4, 2006

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