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Feel With The Heart

The heart and mind are like a parachute ... they must be opened to work.

You are not asked to believe what you find in these pages, dear one ...only to read them with an open heart and an open mind.

Begin to "feel" these pages and everything you come across with your heart.

If certain understandings and teachings ring true within you ...
there's a very good chance it is your Divine Guidance Within
letting you know to keep this wisdom very close to you.

The best and most beautiful things in the world are not always seen,or even touched ... they must be "felt with the heart".

There is wisdom in believing in the power of Love rather than believing in the power of fear ...for fear is nothing more than a place of darkness without Love.

A true spiritual awakening comes when we begin to trust our own spiritual guidance ...rather than the words or direction given by any others.

Do you know how to understand the way your Inner Guidance communicates with you??
The most delightful surprise in life is to suddenly recognize your own worth.

When you touch on this beautiful awareness of you ... you will feel It and It will embrace you.

Divine Love will open your heart to the freedom you've been desiring in every life situation.
For in the darkest of situations there is Light if we look with our hearts and Divine Love to see it.

Our hearts have always held the beauty of truth,
a Divine way of sharing and giving Love, not only to others but to ourselves as well.

Within our hearts is inner power beyond our grandest dreams.
Love never had a limit but we have truly limited ourselves.

Perhaps the time has come for us to look at why we choose to hold our Love back in so many ways?