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Understanding and Connecting with Your Spiritual Self

Understanding and Connecting with Your Spiritual Self
by Rev. Lisa M. Gawlas, CHt

Being "psychic", or as I prefer to say, "Spiritually Connected" is a birthright to every human being on this planet. We are all connected.

Two aspects make up your life. One is your physical mind (ego), and the other is your spiritual mind (love). This handbook is designed to help you understand the deference between these two aspects. Learn how to recognize your ego thoughts from your spiritual thoughts.

I would like to offer you some glimpses of what is offered to you in the handbook. I have included the title and a brief excerpt of that section.

Reading and Learning from the Heart (an excerpt from the handbook)
...You look at a book as black and white, empty space, and the written word. You may tend to read the words and skip over the white space. When you do this, you are missing the most important aspect of the book.

The author’s energy is contained in the white space. It is here that you will be able to feel and know the truth of anything you ever read. You can feel the truth or the misinformation; you can understand the broader picture as it relates to you. It is the most valuable aspect of the book or printed material that you have. ...
(Learn how to filter information thru the heart where all of your truth lays)

Ego vs. Self (an excerpt from the handbook)
...Ego in conflict with what I call SELF (Simultaneously Evolving Life Form) has been a source of confusion for many as to what exactly is involved in the struggle. The confusion lies in the fact that Ego feels it must display its mastery over our logic systems. ...
(Learn how to recognize ego from spirit as well as integrate the two.)

Fear (an excerpt from the handbook)
We are all birthed of the light…
We are all stardust…
We have just forgotten…and covered our light with the cloak of darkness.
This cloak is layer upon layer of fear.
Earth is cloaked in fear.
Earth is a plane of the vibration of fear.
Now then, fear is not just fright….
(Understand the many aspects of fear that we hold in our lives, how is affects us, and the easiest ways to start releasing these fears.)

Abundance (an excerpt from the handbook)
...Some time ago, I talked to a psychic who charged eighty dollars an hour. She justified the amount by saying that God said we are to have “abundance.” At the time, I was a novice in the spiritual arena and figured God thinks we all should have lots of money...always, but I wondered why I was missing out on this abundance thing. ...
(Understand the true meaning of abundance and prosperity)

The Challenge of Self-love (an excerpt from the handbook)
...Do you feel it is much easier to love someone other than yourSelf? Why do you think that is? Is it that your really think other people are more lovable than you are, or is it that you feel selfish loving yourSelf above anyone else?...

...You will find that as you move yourSelf into acceptance and unconditional love of yourSelf... you will never, ever feel empty or lonely again. You are the love you always dreamed of. Embrace your power, embrace yourSelf!...
(Learn how to truly love yourself and how that self love will enhance the love you share with others. A detailed exercise is included)

Unconditional Love (an excerpt from the handbook)
... I believe love at the soul level is pure... untainted by human emotions and expectations.

Integrating that love into our humanness is not easy... it filters through our egos and our subconscious and becomes tainted by our own conditioning and expectations of what we believe and are taught about “love.” ...
(I have touched on this subject matter extensively along with releasing judgement, which goes hand in hand with unconditional love)

Spiritual Guides and Teachers (an excerpt from the handbook)
... There are three forces that are always present and helping us: Our higherSelf or soul energy, our spiritual guides, and our spiritual teachers.

Our spiritual guides have been with us since before we were born into this physical life. They know our life plan better than we do (since they are not clothed in matter and have no ego to distract them). They know what we planned for ourselves in this lifetime, the experiences we wished to experience, and the goals we wished to achieve. ...
(Here are our best resources for reaching our full potential. Understand the magic and desire of these wonder-filled Beings, as well as how to communicate with them.)

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