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The Breakthrough Celebration starts May 27

The Breakthrough Celebration consists of one Tun cycle beginning May 27, 2006 through May 22, 2007.

This 360 day cycle begins at the mid-point of the 4th Night and continues through the mid-point of the 5th Day in what has come to be called "The Galactic Underworld".

The Galactic Underworld is a 12.8 year cycle that began January 5, 1999. There are 13 Tuns in the Galactic Underworld, (13 cycles of 360 day each), which brings the plan of Creation to the 9th and final level of linear time as we now know it. This is what is encoded in the Mayan Calendar.

The Breakthrough Celebration Described By
Carl Johan Calleman

Author and Swedish Scientist Carl Johan Calleman, wrote the first definitive article, making the call to the global village of humanity to celebrate a time of breakthrough:

The Breakthrough Celebration process begins May 27, 2006. There are many 'events' taking place around the world to kick-off this unique time of preparation.

In the United States, there is one you may wish to attend if YOU are ready to go deeper...

What you can expect at the Southwestern US, Breakthrough Celebration:

* Get a deeper understanding of the critical message encoded in the Mayan Calendar
* Recieve Deeksha during this weekend
* Join in the world-wide mediation with participants
* AND share in great food, loding and fellowship with like-minded individuals!

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