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I fully concur with todays letter. The way I get it, putting someone between you and God is like the moon eclipsing the suns light to you. You're putting them in God's place, which blocks God's light from directly shining on you. ( I always see God like a sun, and us like little suns). In todays world, many people are misinterpreting God's light/word/inspiration, and are putting themselves forward as false gods. They get the part that tells them how wonderful they are, but haven't yet expanded their understanding to realize that God sends this message to everyone. :) That's ok though, we all [i]get it, eventually. :wink: All the best[/i]

HL #1766 (typo #1666) The Knower with Your Own Heart

Little Sun,

There was a time when I followed a school. I parroted everything I heard or read. I did make the master my God. I thought this was the right thing to do, and I gave my whole heart and life to it.

During this time, my awareness of spirituality grew. I can only be grateful for the experience. It is very likely that my devotion to a master led me to God.

Concurrently, toward the end, a book was instrumental in leading me to Godwriting. I have great gratitude. And yet I can't stay there.

Now it's between God and me.

Did I have to be dependent upon these other things? I must have thought so. Would God and Godwriting have come with or without these other steps?

Anyway, these are my personal thoughts this minute!

todays newsletter

I agree again. I went through 12 years of religious schools. Life just seemed to lead me away from traditional teachings. I can't say my real change was from reading one book. I read a lot, searched a lot, questioned everything. The biggest change for me was meditation, and listening to my own channel. :) I remember as a child being taught to love God. Well I couldn't. God was too ...... I could love family, friends, because there was reason to. Still, I had no doubt of Gods existance. So, I decided to love the little part of God that is in each person. That was the best I could figure out. Well, I wasn't disappointed. If you look for good in people, you find it. :D I found God through all I met, in very many different ways.