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Holy Keyboard!

I am amazed and amused at my own stubbornness and headstrongness. I think, among God's children, I am one of those with "special needs", I must have an ethereal version of a learning disability! In spite of my direct line with God, in spite of his many messages and instructions, in spite of my many experiences in the past when submitting, giving in and asking for help worked, I STILL find myself trying to control what I can not control, and trying to invent fire, and/or asking for advice from anyone...including God.

I promised Gloria to translate some of the Heavenletters into one of the more "exotic" languages I speak; Hungarian. I made the promise without considering the technicalities: Hungarian has 45 letters in its alphabet, 24 of which are accented letters, looking like this: ö, ü, é..etc. Wether a letter does or does not have accents can change the whole meaning of the word, in example, Eger is a name of a city in Hungary, whereas "egér" means a mouse. I spent hours and hours of first translating the Heavenletter, then inserting accents one by one; a painstaking, frustuating and -as it turns out, needless- exercise.

I knew that there must be a way of typing in another language on the computer, otherwise, how would the Hungarians use it?! I found out that there is a -complicated- way of setting the language of the whole computer into other languages...I am not going to go into the details, suffice to say, it is a complicated and lengthy process, and I would have to go through it twice: once to set the computer into Hungarian, then to set it back to English.

I posted one Heavenletter, or rather, a prayer in Hungarian, without the accents: it was a translation of my own Shining Star Prayer. Yes, it is POSSIBLE to understand the text without accents, but truly, it does not sound the same, the flow is lost, and just does not work....I've butchered my own work, but I could not possibly do this to a Heavenletter...So, finally I decided to give up. I sent an e-mail to Gloria to remove the Hungarian translation site, until I figure out what to do.

As soon as I've sent the e-mail, I felt a "nudge"..."Ask someone who knows, silly!"...."I do not know anyone who knows!" I protested..."Google it!" I giggled -Even God uses Google!- and Googled...and within five minutes, I had a detailed, step by step set of instructions on how to set the language, and how to switch between languages with an easy keyboard stroke, even in the middle of a word! Then, I found a hungarian keyboard layout (as the 45 letters are NOT in the same position a are the English about typing blind: you're typing one letter and something else shows up...).

About ten minutes after my "I give up" letter to Gloria, I was all set up to type in Hungarian, or any other language for that matter...all I had to do is to ask for help, or advice.

So, my darling fellow earthlings...ask, and you shall receive. Do not be too stubborn or ashamed to ask. All the knowledge is out there, in the Universal Consciousness, it is available to all of us...whether you want to start a new business, go on a scuba diving trip to the caribbean, become an astronaut, find the Universal Truth, invent a time machine, or learn how to do the samba...all the information for questions big and small is out there, and available for you. All you have to do is to ask...and sometimes, "google" not only the internet, but your own consciousness and the consciousness of God. Ask. You shall receive!

Small Print and disclaimer: Sometimes, you will receive an answer and it is going to be "NO". Accept that answer. There might be other plans for you, and you are wasting your time trying to force that which is not going to happen. We tend to think, that our prayers had been answered only when we get what we wanted....accept that a NO is an answer just as good, just as beneficial as a YES. Ask, receive and accept.

Stand by for Hungarian translations! Those of you, who have Hungarian friends, soon you can forward Heavenletters to them in Hungarian...let's spread the words written on a Holy Keyboard, dictated by a Holy Entity...scribed by Gloria and translated into the Hungarian by Oh My Goddess...God's willing...In shaAllah.


Holy Keyboard!

I am HUngarian, but speak oh so little & read none. It is a wonderful thing
that you do translating though. Thank you. If my mom had internet, she would
love it! She speaks it much more than I...but has no computer. She is just
getting used to the DVD player! LOL

When there is nothing left but God, that is when you find out that God is
all you need.

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No Computer

Is your Mom in Hungary, or lives close to you? Perhaps you could print the letters out, and give or send to her...No technology does not mean no communication... :lol: