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I am still here

Hi, Everyone

I am posting this quick note to let you know, I have not disappeared into the ether...instead, I have rejoined "corporeality" and society of the gainfully employed. It takes some time and energy to get used to "real life" again, and although I havent' lost connection with the Heavens, I just do not have earthly time or energy to sit down and write. Hopefully, I will be given the same soon, when I've readjusted to my new "old" life.

It is funny: in my dreams and insights, time does not exists. I can "receive" knowledge, and memories of past and future in a split second, so much information, it would take days or years to write all of it down, if I was to do justice to the story. I dream a dream in one corporeal night, that could be converted into ten books...or one perfect passage. In "real life", time is precious, and hard to manage. It slips through my fingers, like water. I "accomplish" much, I am efficient, and proficient..yet, it it seems, as much as I have accomplished, I have "wasted time".

I am in the process of learning and regaining the balance of "living in this earth, but not of this earth"...of corporeal dreams and dreamlike realities.

I have a feeling, I needed to post this though. Perhaps there is someone, who is struggling with the same. Perhaps it is a "letter" of instruction to myself, from God, from the Universe. Perhaps, it is loving advice to Another Myself somewhere in Another Time or Another Place. Either case, whoever this message is for, he/she will know it instantly...let me know...I like to know when I was successful delivering these precious packages of wisdom: diamonds wrapped up in brown butcher paper.

And..if it was nothing but mundane chatter: forgive me, Oh, Lord, but I LIKE chatting! I did not turn into, nor do I WANT to turn into some saintly nun, or yogi like prophet. I am still GinaBabe, one that talks to God, one that talks BACK to that likes to chat, and yak about nothing.

You made me this way, remember?!

I am still here

You delivered diamonds, Gina. Thank you. It’s beautiful what you wrote.
Love, Gloria

I am still here

It's interesting you mentioned time and dreams.  I have had some interesting
experiences along this vein.
I'd like to talk about them, but don't know where to start.  It's like going around and around in an imaginary world, seemingly real, then, bam; it's not, but it was and it still promises to be real, but deep down inside you know you will again lose all you gained, whatever that was that was so important, for whatever stupid reason; and be back at square one again, like right back where you were, only the dates have apparently changed if you are lucky.
John Riccio.