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Morning Light

The dawning of day brings with it the light of opportunity
The rays peering through my window allow me the chance to either receive or deny
To give or withhold
What now shall I do with this window of opportunity?
How shall I hold to pain while the morning birds serenade my soul with songs of love?
Come forth, O Sun
The moment of your warmth has arrived
Hide not, My Heart
For no more can we cling to the safety of night
We must now join in on the dance of day
And if we tarry a while...
We will find the light to have a comforting song all of it's own

michael mayer

Morning Light

You do have a gift.
You certainly do.
John Riccio

Morning Light

I second you John.  Mike, you've got to do something with this gift.  Maybe Gloria has a suggestion?  I personally feel that you should be writing a spiritually stimulating book.  You bless us by your "presence!" and I mean Presence in more than one way too. 

Love's Light,

Thanks, John and Joe

"Just" the opportunity to read inspiring words and have the opportunity to share, for me, is a joy beyond words...but then to hear of your kind words...well, it warms my heart all the more:) thank you from the depths of my bring tingles to my skin and tears to my eyes:) mke

p.s. - I do have an idea for one book or 3 smaller ones, entitled: The River and The Sea: Glimpses of Self and Soul (or, Glimpses of You, Me and Our Eternal We) which are thoughts or aphorisms...then there's, From Then Into Now: Poems of the Heart, which write of personal feelings in a "Kahlil Gibran" kind of style (he was my mentor and is always my friend) and then there's those that are more interpersonal with a kind of automatic writing style...which leads into the letters typed and sent by email for over a few years now entitled, The Love That We Are...i love editing but i'm just slow with organizing and copywriting and sending to prospective publishers and all that jazz...but boy do i just love to write and share as on here and to read and listen to other sharings as me that's the "gracias", what makes it all worth while...thanks for your time and energy and support...for your love...michael:)