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The Flower

Does the flower want?
Does it need?
In the sense that it longs
To share with the world
Its scent
In that it openly desires
Desires to open
To receive from the sun
Light sent
Wishing and hoping
That, once again
It will drink of the rain
And dance with the wind
So other flowers
In other fields
May one day also begin
To nurture and be nurtured
To receive of love and equally send
And if these wants, desires and fullfillments of the flower
Are what God would have for us all
What more could we
Who claim to be
So much more
Than the flower
So much less
Than God's Loving Power
Care for and need?
The flower is our heaven sent teacher
Instructing us unto the difference between
Being needy and to need
Being left wanting
And trusting
That the fruit of desire
Is in the adventurous fun
Of the next miracle allowed to come


The Flower

a flower for all the flower(s)

allamanda is the botanic name...
all amanda - the all loving one... ( latin: amare = to love)

re:flower picture

That's beautiful...thanks verronika...:)