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Original Blessing

Gods Children are not born "dirty"
But have their Creation in Innocence and are Clean
This Truth of Life
Is as naturally felt as each breath we take
There is no great formula or plan that we need learn
No words to read or repeat
No outside Master that we need seek
Yet "only" those who point to the fact

"The Kingdom/The Queendom is Within"
It is as the birds in the air that fly
Or the fish in the water that swim
How odd would it seem if the birds would not fly?
Feeling they lacked the necessary air though it already be there

What if they prayed and prayed and prayed for that air to one day come, to be
given to the fortunate some but not to each and everyone?
This can be said of the fish as well
What if they felt apart from that which allows them to swim?
And then when beginning to swim, what if they pointed to the other fish and
said, "look at my water, you'll be lost lest you follow my way to win"
Would this as well not seem more than odd, since the water is always there
for all to share?

Point being
Our point for being isn't to find what is "lost"
But to celebrate our already Here
It isn't something that can be bargained or bought
But a "thing" not present at all lest it is Present in All
And it IS - Present in All

Just as ice is water originated from the Sea
Though we may seem heavy or stuck
Within us All

Is the Source
From which
With which
We are Forever Created Free

© 2005 Michael Mayer