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The Prodigal Daughter and Son

We're all as the prodigal Daughter and Son
"Returning" Home
To Love
Whence we have come

If pain is the order of our day
Or even if stress or strain intermittently weaves it's way
Having its say
So that we feel not peace in every way
Then, we are as the prodigal Daughter and Son

Straying a bit
Into an imaginary world
Of time and space and place
When and where we experience the hustle and bustle
Of fussin's forgetful tussle

Yet still, all in all
It's all good
It's all as Great
For Love always holds our place
In Eternity's Home
Perfectly Safe

In fact
Truth be told
We never have left
Yet it seems as so
Even if it feels as though

For our "leaving" has only seemingly taken place
A child's adventure of "far, far away"
While, all the while, all are Held in Gods Loving Embrace
Perfectly Safe

We are all as the prodigal Daughter and Son
That is Loved
That is Love
That comes and goes
Elatedly so
With passions glow
Into and out of belief in foes and woes

Who is always assured of a comforting "return"
For afterall
What loving parent would choose to spurn?
If the Law of Love upheld, Is
We receive what we give?
If Love is to be Lived?

© 2005 Michael Mayer