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Eye opening short tour posted for C.M. Yogi in Nepal


i just returned today after a very successful and soul-satisfying journey of the western part of Nepal. i don't know why do people get afraid of visiting the country side or the villages ? Actually true life is there only in villages where the hospitality of the innocent villagers touch our heart very simply , where the youths sing the songs of love and life , where the old people sing together the hymns and prayers of spirituality.... Yes, i know, the extreme poverty has made their life a bit hectic and the Maoist problem has created insecurity but still there is HOPE, SONGS OF LIFE AND THE HARMONY BETWEEN THE PEOPLE AND ALSO THE DEEP CONNECTION WITH THE NATURE....

i spent only a week outside Kathamandu valley; visitd Butawal, Bhairahawa and Dang . But within only a week also i gave more than 13 talks, gave interviews to local radio and TV channels , visited 5 schools /colleges, gave a training package to the teachers of HVP- Dang, met many of my relatives in the villages, went to the garden that reminds me of my childhood, visited the old temple nearby my house to pay a tribute to our forefathers, met many of my friends, met many youths who are looking for only a few words of inspiration with TRUE LOVE... , and also spent some time with my mother and family members who love me and care me unconditionally.

i think after many years i had such a good feeling while visiting Nepal as my every single time was utilized for a very GOOD cause ; i joined the Yagyan/worshiping ceremony ,saw a great enthusiasm of the people to know Right Dharma, realized their aspirations, understood their grief and pain also. In fact, we can reform our villages by only these kind of spiritual awareness programs, we can encourage the youths for good cause, we can re - harmonize the society by spreading good words of true Dharma .Very surprisingly, i felt as if there was not any Maoist problem, though it is there already, rooted very deeply but i did not see it or feel it because the life was going on simlpy, my talks were going on beautifully and my journey was so safe and so smooth...

But you know, after coming back to Kathamandu when i switched on the TV there was again same news of violence and protest..... What's the actual reality ? Is that which i saw and realized myself in my tour or the scene which the TV is showing me constantly ??? i get confused extremely, i can't deny the bitter fact of media but again i can't forget the beauty which i have realized myself within only a week in villages with my own people who are simple ,sweet and sincere and pray to God - for love ,peace and harmony...

Thank you SO MUCH.

Principal - Hindu Vidya Peeth-Nepal (HVP)
Founder - Shanti Sewa Ashram ( SSA )
Patron - Youth Society for Peace (YSP)

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Those who bless the world

Dear Yogi-ji,

Yes, how do we reconcile all the sweet people we know with what TV reports?

The proportion of hurtful people in the world is so small next to all the caring peace-loving people -- my guess would be 1% hurters (or less) and 99% blessers, and yet the hurters make up 99% or so of the news.

It is beyond my understanding, dear friend.

God in Heavenletters has advised we focus on what is inspiring.

You certainly do that. You are uplifting your whole country.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

P.S. I sure look forward to reading what other Heavenreaders have to to say about this.


Dear Gloria ji

Thank you so much for your emails, especially putting up our news in Heaven News March 2, 2006 , i always accept it as an honor, an honor for our work and for our vision, and very especially for our good friendship.

Hope you have read my last email regarding my visit of the Nepal's countryside, i want to sing the songs of life and hymns of spirituality and serve the humanity. So pls pray for us.

Rest is fine here, the children will start their final exams after a week, so all are excited... The programs at the Ashram also going on, we have many dreams but very limited resources.... so i need to wait for His blessing sometimes. The Shivaratri festival has gone and now we are waiting for Holi, the color festival on coming Tuesday, 14th, we will send the colored water and read powder for you through the air. Pls accept it.

Pls say namaste to your heavenly friends and family members , it would be great to meet you at some point. pls take care of your Self.


Yogi's visit

I, having taken the Vedanta faith as a portion of my own, am grateful to hear about Yogi's work. I pray that someday I may visit India myself and be adept enough to bring happy gifts to the people.