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Plunge Within

Plunge Within Painting By Nandhi

Dolphins communicate with a higher sound vibration which when these vibrations are sequenced into human speech, the higher level of intensity in communication the language of the dolphin's could contain an entire bible in 3 hours.

Ayya (Ayya means father in Tamil) comes from the lineage of gurus who follow the path of Ayya Narayana, a Siddhar (a perfected being like the state of Christ after resurrection). Ayya Narayana was born in a poor family of the lower caste in the early 18 century in the Southern tip of India. He was bed ridden from the time of birth due to bone cancer until he was 19 years old. One day, he felt some invisible beings lift him up physically and carry him out of his bed and then out of his house towards the sea. Most people around him expressed shock and surprise at this sight. As he neared the sea, he started running towards the waves and then went further and further until he disappeared.

Three days later, He emerged out of the sea. He was transformed, glowing and radiant. He said that He was taken to the depth of the ocean by the divine beings and here He was imparted the sacred wisdom. He then began His teachings breaking the caste barriers and enlightening all around Him. Many miracles were attributed to Him such as bringing many back to life, being in two places at the same time etc.

In His lineage is the sacred secretive meditative invocation called 'Brahmara Nadi' which is the meditative aum resonance gathering the guru-mantra to then vibrate in the higher frequency which is alike the dolphin's communication with a chain of over 108 mantras flowing though the eternal aum within 2-5 seconds. Brahmara Nadi dissolves all thoughts to bring a blissful Oneness of the divine space shared by these immortal Siddhars while keeping the human intellect alive to absorb this higher wisdom that enables us to evolve- making the best use of this human birth! (Siddhar chant music with the magic of the Didgeridoo.According to Dr. Hawkins' Map of Consciousness, "Cave of the Siddhars" CD calibrates in between 1000 and 1250.This is the level of Christ, Buddhahood, Krishna and Brahman