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Mommy - A Poem

By David Roth
© 30th August, 2005

Tiny bundle,
angry hands flailing
little voice seeming
at the moment, not so little.

Feed me
Change me
Hold me
Sing to me
Love me

Little eyes filled with affection
staring with perfect trust,
uncertain, worried eyes
glancing back.

'Children are a heritage
From the Lord'

she heard the older woman say,
and she always dreamed
of a child of her own,

But not like this.
Barely more than a child
Fourteen years old.
Babies making babies.

How alone she feels,
holding the priceless gift,
that for the moment
seems such a heavy burden.

But she will prevail.
A child herself,
today she has a new name.
Today and forever more
She is 'Mommy'

A child herself,
She knows
The great God of Heaven
hears her prayers,
prayers of the children.,
and today,
knowing only a taste
of the difficulties to come,
today she thanks Him
in a grateful shower of tears.

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. (Psalm 127:3, KJV)

The Mommy Poem

Dave, this is very touching. Thank you.

To be a poet is a wonderful thing.

Your poems, David. Your Poems.

I'm in total agreement w/Gloria... this one AND Resonance AND Resplendence.

I don't like to work hard to understand what an author is trying to communicate. (Got other things I need to spend my 'work hard' credits on :wink: )

A lot of the time, I'll read a poem...I'll furrow my brow... and then I'll say, "Huh?"

Your creations are not simple, yet they're understandable and they resonate.

Thank you.