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Resonance - A Poem

By David Roth
©21 September, 2003
Turn One of the Creation Cycle

Can you hear it?
The sweet, sonorous music of creation
Resonating from time until time
Nature in all of her splendor
Announcing, as it were
Her presence to any and all
With ears to hear

It begins softly
With the music of the night

The rhythmic pulses of the cricket
Singing in metronomic persistence
Answered by another
Then another
A chorus of hallelujahs

And the other creatures of the dark
A wolf howls in the distance
Baying woefully at the moon
Calling her pride to seek the bounty of the night

The wind carries other music
Thunder adds a pulsing bass and rhythm to the symphony
Owls stand as all-seeing sentries
Posing their never ending question
The Bobwhite and Whippoorwill
Calling their names proudly in the dark

The leaves of the stately Elm and the mighty Oak
Join a chorus of playful counterpoint
Against the eerie song
Of the giant Pine

The world around is awash in music
Resplendent in its majesty
Glorious in its simplicity
Magnificent in its beauty

For the Heavens declare the Glory of God;
The expanse of the universe shows His handiwork
The song of the day, His speech
The music of the night, His truth
The resonance of creation, His Beauty