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Love poem from Ohmygoddess...

"Love is not a thousand “I love you” s
But a simple sentence of “I am still here” "

These words, right here above, are some of the deepest & most profound words
I have read in a long time. What a statement Ohmygoddess!! Thanks so much
for sharing this poetry with us. What a gift you are blessed with, to help
others see His light. God bless you.

When there is nothing left but God, that is when you find out that God is
all you need.

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Love and Light

Thank you Jennine; you're right, it is an incredible gift bestowed upon me to be able to write words, that come from the deepest part of me, and touch the same in someone else.

Perhaps it is a good time to tell you where my alias comes from: I wrote this poem, as many others, not thinking, not "trying" to write anything, truly, it was Godwriting through me. I USED to write a lot, when I was a child: I've learned how to read and write at age three, and have not stopped reading since then, but for a long while, I have stopped writing. I thought, nobody was there to listen, no body would understand, and there was no use in writing in my mother language, there was no use of writing, if only I would read what I've written. You see, I still had a lot of inhibitions, fears, and yes, even ambitions: if I could not be GOOD ENOUGH to be FAMOUS, to be A GOOD WRITER, and surely, I could not BE a good writer, I could not be good enough to write in English, then there was no use to write.

You have to know, English is my second language...actually, third. I came to Canada 20 years ago, and I still have a strong accent, and I make mistakes, some quite funny, when I speak in English. You can understand my own shock and awe, when I first allowed God to write in English through me! "Oh MY Goddess!" was my spontaneous, surprised cry, when I've READ the first time what I have just written. Then, I've "heard" a voice, and believe it or not, it said:

"Oh, My Goddess. Yes, you ARE. You're MY Goddess, you ARE a Goddess, and it is just about time that you finally decided to use the talent I gave you."

I would normally not encourage anyone to start "chain letters", but perhaps, with Valentine's Day -the second most depressing holiday for singles - it would be a good idea to get this out into the ether, even if through "virtual reality".

I believe, it would give comfort to those, who do not have "romantic love" in their life....and, it might be a perfect thank you to send to those, who DO love us with this kind of love.

If you do wish to use, or to send this poem to others, please do give credit to me...Oh My Goddess.

For those, who think, as I thaugth just a few months ago, that there is no one who could or would love them with this deep, profound love, when everyone is gone, I wish they would listen to that voice that speaks from the deepest of their soul:

"I am still here, my Beloved, my Goddess of Love, my Child. I am still here, and will never leave you. It is time you'd start using the talent I gave you. Go, sing, go dance, go paint, go cook, go bake, go garden, go teach, go nurse, go write. I love the way you do it! You're the BEST! After all,would I create anything less than the Best?! Go, use the greatest talent, I gave you, My Goddess: Love others, and please, please, do not forget to love yourself. I love you. I am still here."

Love poem from Ohmygoddess...

Dear Oh-my-Goddess,

I too love your poetry, but it's the stories behind them that makes them even more precious. I too write in another language, mine is called Braille. I have boxes and boxes of braille pages that I've written over the years. However, not until I got a talking computer with word processing did I know what writing really meant. I've written three books, first Abled Disabled, published by gemini Books since then and am constantly writing as often as possible. If one fairly compairs our work, it's easy to see/hear who the pro is! How many books have you written? Are they available? God-self willikng I will soon have a web site where I can offer mine, a cd and get the attention I desire. 90% of what I am trying to do is for the general public. I've discovered a winning method of creating love and I've got to get the world using it. We can and will make this entire world into a more loving planet. We've got to love our precious Earth with the same degree of love we give our beloved. If not........