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The Journey

Most people spend a lifetime trying to be the person they think they should be, just to find out, the person they became is not whom they were meant to be. It is never to late to be whom You could have been.

Every day is a promise and a chance to be one step closer to destiny. Every new day is another chance to do it right, to do it better, to grow, to evolve, to love.

Therefore, do not dwell on yesterday's mistakes, except to learn from them. Do not be content with yesterday's accomplishments, except to use them as stepstones to something even better, even bigger, even higher, even closer to what You are truly capable of. Do not be afraid of the future, but plan for the curves in the road, and the roadblocks you will no doubt encounter on Your way.

Gather a map, a compass, but do not be overwhelmed with the distance of Your final goal, or the difficulty of the terrain ahead of You. Concentrate on the road ahead and stop trying to ride through life while staring in the rear-view mirror.

Wherever you're heading, wherever you will be, I will be with you, and wherever you'll end up, I will be right there waiting for you.

Have a safe journey, and do not forget to enjoy the view.

The Journey

Are you Gina?

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