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Morning Glory,

Your/God's Heavenletter spoke to me this morning, not that it doesn't
Everey day. In heart I am a musician and feel this connection between us
and God, the orchrstra leader. He has written pieces of music that I, one
of the musicians has to strictly follow. I've got to pause at the right
moments, waiting for Him to point me out so that I might pipe in, just the
right note. As I fade away another takes my lead and soon afterwards we
hear the whole orchrestra playing. I am given my choice of instraments,
and it is my "duty" to learn it thoroughly. Different pieces of music
require me to perform differently. However, the very first note I play
should always be a high Love. How I might sing that note is up pretty much
to me. I could trill it, play loud and/or soft, Fade in or out of various
parts of this piece. But I do love to experiment too, playing a high Love
with a little low guilt thrown in with a combination of middle dislike can
often be intreaguing. Nevertheless, my playing my key of Love and
another's guilt, often does clash. So some times we need a loud middle key
strings , "you" to even it out.

Thanks for this opportunity for each of us in this orchestra to join in
this wonder and love filled peace.

Here comes my high pitched Love, LPL,

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