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Bliss Music Weekly Quote:The Joy of Being a Light bulb

"A light bulb
cannot light up
without electricity.

And once the electricity
is there,
there is no figuring out
for the light bulb,
there is no instruction

It is there,
it is a light bulb.
Electricity moves through it,
it shines.

You can spend your
whole life
trying to figure out awareness,

Trying to turn yourself
into a blissful state.

But once the energy is
awakened in you.

It begins to happen
by itself.

And the more you can
be quiet and get out of the
way of yourself,
the more the light shines automatically.

This is why I place importance
on Ocean Euphoric
and the Phone Satsang/Energy transfers.

Because then it is not about
trying to get something.

Rather it is about allowing
the energy to move,
letting go,

The process can be so easy.

It is all the trying to do it yourself
that makes it seem impossible.


Warm Rgds,